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Carson Beckett/Paul McGillion Thunk Thread

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    Oy! So I contradicted myself there. Oops! Eek, one more post to go

    Also, I love the team pics


      Just one more!

      which thread am I in?


        You're in Carson's thread, Dell. But we don't mind the occasional....*trails off staring at Shep*

        Love, I don't mind ye lookin' over at Sheppard occasionally, but y'still on my thread right now...*is watching me carefully*

        OOPS! *snaps out of her trance* Sorry! Not my fault Dell keeps doin' this to me!

        It's alright Love, let's just celebrate the promotion ye just got. *grin*

        *we celebrate*


          You have a kiss I capped for you!
          feel like a proud mother!

          found one!


            Of course I have the lovely kiss you capped for me

            Oh hey Carson's taking care of Shep's latest injuries...again. Carson always did take good care of the team when they ended up in his infirmary.


              ok Lt Colonel, go to bed!

              A bit of a shame, the only one of him in bed and he is sick!


                Eep! Poor Carson! *transposing herself into Keller's place right next to him* I wish they'd have show him even sitting on the bed in his quarters or something would have been alright.

                I mean there is one other choice...

                ...When Michael is torturing him in Misbegotten...


                  He doesn't look to bad there, but I do believe you are stalling!


                    Great, you're all staring me down now! Well since we did sorta whump Carson back there, at least let me comfort the poor guy a wee bit and then off to bed with me!

                    Spoiler'd because pic heavy.


                    Carson, I'm sorry we whumped you back there...*smile*

                    It's alright, Love. It happens, even to me, don't blame y'self.

                    Alright if you insist, Love.

                    I do insist, Love. All I want from ye right now is a hug, then off to bed with ye!

                    Well that can be arranged, Love. *goes over and hugs him*

                    Thank ye, Love *smile*

                    Oh, my pleasure of course

                    Now off to bed with ye, cheeky lass!

                    Okay okay, I'm going to head off now!

                    *one last quick kiss with Carson before she runs off*

                    Good night!


                      Good night Aang! Thanks for playing!


                        My pleasure, Dell! Thank you too And goodnight for the final time! *grabs her plushie and runs off to bed*


                          well lets hope so. I have to get off too...I have been given the hard word!


                            Oh God, I'm sick. I need a doctor...

                            That's not just an excuse to come and see me, is it?
                            No, honestly, I really am sick... *sniff, sniff, cough*

                            Oh aye, you don't sound well...
                            Told you... *27th sneezing fit*

                            And have I missed Aang's birthday too? Stupid work...
                            "Thanks to denial, I'm immortal."
                            "A big 'Hello' to all intelligent life out there, and for everyone else, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!"
                            "Excuse me, barmaid? You seem to have brought me the wrong offspring. I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fishbone!"
                            "I'm Jack. It means... what's in the box?"

                            >-- Czechs Rock! >--


                              Hi Jae'a-

                              You haven't missed my birthday, on my side of the world my birthday is tomorrow Dell and I were just celebrating a wee bit early

                              It's nice to see you back to visit Carson

                              And I hope you feel better soon


                                Hey how's it going?
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