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Carson Beckett/Paul McGillion Thunk Thread

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    That desktop is really cool Nel. Thanks for the congrats.

    HyperCaz, I'm glad you like my new sig. It doesn't matter about the green, despite the fact that I only need to more to get another jello.

    I have my disk by my side and I might just print something off in the morning.


      Originally posted by Allestian
      That pic just sent a shiver right through me.

      Imagine waking up in the infirmary to:

      Carson: It's okay sweetheart, you're safe. You're in the infirmary. I'm Doctor Beckett, I'll take care of you.


      Oh yeah, BTW. SNURCHED!!!


      lol, *repeats massive thunk* I'm a sucker for cute doctors with funky accents
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        Hey everyone. The thread has been really busy since I was here last.

        Originally posted by Allestian
        HyperCaz, I'm glad you like my new sig. It doesn't matter about the green, despite the fact that I only need to more to get another jello.
        I'd give you some green Allestian, but it's saying I still need to spread some around. I'll try later.

        Originally posted by Allestian
        Do any of you guys suffer from anxiety attacks? It's just a general question.

        Erm, that might give you a jist of why I've had such a bad day.
        I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. I get anxiety attacks too. I also work in a stressful job so I really have to try and take it easy. I meditate and listen to a lot of relaxing music to help me out.

        I'm sorry this is O/T and I didn't post pics. I gotta get to work early (7 am) and I'm trying to just hurry up and catch up on posts, then maybe get some sleep.
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          I'm a sucker for just one doc. Carson. My sig is getting shrankenised right now but it will pop up again soon.

          Uh-oh. I forgot to bring a picture of Carson with me again.


            Here Allestian - hope this one keeps you going.

            Glad you managed to get your sig sorted out. It is such a great sig


              Thank you very much.

              I was just coming back to take a look at the pics of him and I noticed that you'd posted...I've been sat here moaning about the lack of posts and you actually posted.

              How hypocritical am I?


                LOL - Allestian - don't worry. I often wish there were more people posting here, but it does tend to speed up about later in the day.


                  Aye, when I'm in theatre.

                  We finish at lunch today but i don't go home until we've gone over our theatre practical.

                  I wanna go home so I can carry on thunking.


                    Awww - poor Allestian - you'll end up with withdrawal symptoms from not thunking for a few hours. I've actually got too much time on my hands, but at least I've plenty time to look at Paul.


                      So you've got nought to do? Jammy thing.

                      I have key skills next - I think.

                      I wonder if I can post a pic???


                        Yah - you can post a picture. It's great.

                        Yes - I have too much time on my hands. I've been off work for over 2 months and I've still got probably another month or so before I'll be able to go back. So I'm well and truly bored.

                        But pics of Paul help the boredom.


                          Yippee!!! I have no lessons now for like I dunno 2 weeks. I'm going to be thunking and revising all the time now.

                          Of course I do have to come back in on Monday and Tuesday and my practical is like 3 weeks away...

                          Oh I so need a doctor...

                          EDIT: See you guys later. i have to go now.

                          Last edited by Allestian; 07 April 2006, 04:21 AM.


                            Bye Allestian - see you later


                              Hiya I'm back. I have a lot of lines to learn but I'm still posting...and watching Atlantis.

                              How's the time been for you lot???


                                Originally posted by Nel
                                Thanks PJumper42 - I've got a copy of it now from that site. TJ sent me in that direction, and I got hold of it, not long after I'd posted my previous comment. I watched it that night and it was incredible. I agree it is well worth watching.
                                I'm so glad you enjoyed "See Grace Fly." I've been recommending it to my friends as well. It's so nice to see Paul play a very different type of character from Dr. Beckett. It's cool that he can pull off both drama and comedy roles. I've seen him do both and he is amazing at his craft. Would love to see him in a movie with Ed Harris and/or Sean Bean.

                                Plus, he's not bad on the eyes.