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Hermiod Translations/Appreciation

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    Hermiod Translations/Appreciation

    Okay welcome everyone I've revamped this first post to have lots of relevant information and most importantly; the translations & sound clips I'm going to be updating the first post each week with any new clips, translations and information we get; that way all the information will be in one place and easy to find. I'll credit anyone where it's due. It's a joint effort to be enjoyed by all Stargate fans

    Make sure you re-read the entire first post to make sure you don't miss anything

    What's going on here?:
    In Atlantis' season 2 premier, I noticed that Hermiod does not speak in Asgard as we previously knew it, Hermiod speaks in plain english only; reversed!

    This also happened in "Intruder" and I think we can safely assume this is the new Asgard spoken language style. Thanks to everyone who contributes here posting the latest Asgard translations and thanks for all the support. I'll be uploading clips every time there's a new one and I'll update this first post with the link/s when I've made them

    Originally posted by impulsivelad
    Hermiod is voiced by Trevor Devall. He's done a ton of voice work:
    Hermiod is the first Asgard character in Stargate: Atlantis. Hermiod is responsible for guiding the Daedalus ship and it would appear he controls most of the Asgard technology onboard aswell.

    The zipped wav attatched here is low quality due to attatchment size regulations. I simply reduced the background noise as best I could and reversed the playback. It's the original clip from Siege Part 3. The links provide slightly higher quality (22kHz 4-Bit, Mono channel - IMA ADPCM - incase you need a codec though it seems very unlikely) Wav files that should even be dial-up friendly (30-100kB).

    The Clips:

    Here is a clip from SG-1 Episode 401 - Small Victories. It is cut from the scene aboard the Asgard ship, if you listen to this clip you can tell that the voice is just nonsensical/manipulated noise both reversed and forward and is proof that until now, Asgard spoken language has not been reverse english.
    (I removed the parts where Thor and Sam talk)


    What he says: "When will these humans learn that there are consequences to actions?"
    When: Around the time he is told to beam nukes into Wraith hive ships.
    Mirror (Courtesy of Gatehorse)


    What he says: "These humans are infants..."
    When: Shortly after the "naked" remark by Sheppard.
    Mirror (Courtesy of Gatehorse)
    Mirror (Courtesy of UNRE4L) - MP3 Format (Zipped archive)

    What he says: "The incompetence of these humans is beginning to make me angry!"
    When: Shortly after the second system reboot.
    Mirror (Courtesy of Gatehorse)

    Heh so another season is almost upon us and I have returned to this thread incase any more reverse speech appears, I stopped updating the thread after 5 or so episodes of no Hermiod, he appeared in a couple of later episodes in season 2 which I will put up here if people can remind me. I miss his reverse speech it was fun for us all to enjoy Hopefully he'll be back on form this season with some great one liners...

    It's important to note that Hermiod may not speak/appear in every episode.

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    Hermiod Translations found HERE

    No way!

    Wow if this is true... how did you know you play it backwards... were you hoping to get a message from the devil? ROFL

    I bet the TPTB didn't expect anyone to get this, yet you did. LOL
    Go SG-1! Go ATLANTIS!

    <<Amanda Tapping's the only sweet hunny bunny for me>>


      dude that would be totaly sick if we just play all the asgard lang backwards to hear it right.


        sweet.. if thats how its decoded we can figure out what they said in the episode red sky where the council were talking


          how did you or whoever did it figure this out.
          i just love to give and recieve GREENS


            Wow, that's a nice find!
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            VALA: Oh, come on! you do it to meet women.
            MITCHELL: She has a point, sir.
            : I've been thinking I need to get out on an offworld mission or two.
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            Mmm... Green...


              its gonna be on the next Inside SciFi Fridays having the asgard voice person going aw crap they got it


                Good find!


                  You deepfry it - i eat it


                    HAHA I feel special Was I really the first to find this? YAAAAAAAAAAAY.

                    Now that's over. I found it because I recognised that it sounded differently to other asgard speech and I recognise reverse speech when I hear it (not understand - just recognise).

                    As for Red Sky - I thought of that; Asgard speech in that case is jibberish, just noise :/ Either that or the sound is too difficult to hear over background noise :/ Sorry
                    Hermiod Translations found HERE


                      Originally posted by okrichie

                      "When will these humans learn that there are consequences to actions?" - Hermiod

                      Hee Hee!

                      But it was more fun when we thought he was swearing....

                      A Cherokee elder sitting with his grandchildren told them,
                      "In every life there is a terrible fight – a fight between two wolves.
                      One is evil: he is fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
                      resentment, and deceit. The other is good: joy, serenity, humility,
                      confidence, generosity, truth, gentleness, and compassion."
                      A child asked, "Grandfather, which wolf will win?"
                      The elder looked the child in the eye. "The one you feed."


                        Originally posted by Tok'Ra Hostess
                        Hee Hee!

                        But it was more fun when we thought he was swearing....
                        Haha yes, but it seems unlikely an Asgard would swear... I think it's pretty hypocritical though, the Asgard DID unleash the replicators as a result of their actions..
                        Hermiod Translations found HERE


                          Awsome find. I'd rep you but all I have is grey just like their skin.

                          LEE IS NOT A CYLON


                            Originally posted by Vorlon-1
                            Awsome find. I'd rep you but all I have is grey just like their skin.
                            "Rep"? Thanks
                            Hermiod Translations found HERE


                              A great find, well done!

                              Have some green.