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    Space: Above and Beyond

    I'm halfway through my very first viewing of Space: Above and Beyond, which aired for one season on FOX (1995-1996). I was in college without a TV at the time, but since the DVD release I had always intended to go back and watch it. Now I'm an old man and I'm finally doing it!

    Have any of you watched this show? Did you watch when it was originally airing?

    So far I'd say it is the most 90s thing I've watched in a long time. Very much a product of its age in a lot of respect. But boy, this show was gutsy. The writers took some big swings, and after that initial run of "get to know the characters" episodes it really starts to tell some interesting stories.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the jingoistic militarism, including what feels like a racial epithet directed at the alien enemy (the "Chigs"). At times the show feels like Starship Troopers but without any of the irony or self-awareness. Where Starship Troopers was deliberately over-the-top in order to make a point, S:AAB seems to be really earnest and straight down the middle in its attempt to depict an ongoing war with an alien race.
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