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Was Doctor Who's Torchwood a let down? And how will "Torchwood" differ.

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    Was Doctor Who's Torchwood a let down? And how will "Torchwood" differ.

    Ok. First point of call.

    Did anyone think that Torchwood in "Doctor Who" was a let down? It felt far too cheesy and not enough of a siniseter organisation to me. It was camp.

    My intrigue comes afte seeing the "Torchwood" trailer. This looks like a COMPLETELY different organisation. I mean much cooler, much more sinister, and with different aims. How can two branches of one organisation be so different?

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    I don't really think it was supposed to be sinister. However, I think the main difference comes not from the organisation, but by our interpretation due to the perspective we see Torchwood from.

    In Doctor Who it was looked at through, essentially, The Doctor, a free being who is all about the fun and exploration. Torchwood the series on the other hand will be looked at through the eyes of Jack, who has lost two years of his life, commited god knows how many crimes and died in battle against the Daleks, only to be revived and left behind by the only people he was close to. So if we are seeing it from his POV, its going to be dark, and edgy, simply because the central character is dark and edgy.

    I use this one a lot, but look at Buffy and Angel, the characters, including the title characters, occasionally crossed over into the other show, and when they did so, they were very different people, Faith gained a lot of depth as a character in S4 fo Angel, but then she went to Buffy S7 and she seemed to return to her old self. She didn't change, we changed. We had gone from seeing her through the eyes of Angel, who had always tried to see the good in her, to seeing her through the eyes of Buffy, who had always seen the bad in her.

    Just my 2 cents.
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