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    South Dakota references

    So, being born and bred in South Dakota, when I first heard that Warehouse 13 was about a warehouse right in South Dakota, that's what first caught my eye and I was intrigued, and I'm so glad that I did, b/c I love this show with a passion. But I gotta say, some of the South Dakota references really crack me up. As its shot in Vancouver I believe, some of their more prominent SD references could have had a bit more research...but to me that just adds to the charm of the show.

    Random things like when they had a professor from USD of Rapid City (which is actually the School of Mines--USD is based out of Vermillion, SD which is on the clear opposite side of the state) that helped crack the code in the season opener.

    Loved the Kory and the Fireflies poster that was in one of the bedrooms, a local South Dakota band--that was pretty cool.

    Ha, there is no SDU that Claudia could attend, we have a ton of colleges but South Dakota University is not one of them. (We have DSU, SDSU, and BSU)

    I'd also love to find the town of Univille! LoL, sounds like an interesting place!

    It was kind of cool when one of the last few eps took place in Rapid City, working w/ some local vistas...but for Artie's hot date to get there, it's a hour and a half drive as well as the rest of the agents to bring in the mirror and Lewis Carol's Alice. But knowing the agents there are some pretty nifty un-seen technology bits that can zap them there in no time.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE this show, I just find their random South Dakota references pretty adorable! I just had to share. Love me some Pete!
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