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'Reset' - The beginning of Torchwood's downfall...?

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    'Reset' - The beginning of Torchwood's downfall...?

    Rewatching Torchwood S2 at the moment, and it occured to me that all of a sudden, Torchwood 3 has just gone directly against Whitehall. The Pharm was a legitimatly sanctioned and sponsored British operation on behalf of the British government.

    Torchwood has always been a bit maverick, but unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time they work directly against the British establishment, cementing their reputation as mavericks. Could this have been what prompted the infiltration operations of Torchwood 3 that we first see at the start of 'Children of Earth'? We know that Rupesh was meant to become a mole for the unnamed organisation so prominent in COE...

    Ultimately, could this incident have been part of the reason John Frobisher so willingly signed off on Torchwood's death in COE...


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    I suppose you could even run that line of reasoning back to Everything Changes. Torchwood was basically a shadow wing of government up until the Battle of Canary Wharf, dedicated solely to the protection and advancement of Queen and country. When Jack took it over he re-focused it to be in the interest of all humanity, which led to conflicts with particular governments.
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      I was looking for a thread about Owen's death... wondering what people thought at the time... if it was common knowledge that he died... (yes, I know he's not gone quite yet)

      And saw this thread... and thought you actually meant the end of the series... Killing off one of the main characters, out of the blue... Probably one of the most popular, or at least, most interesting (certainly moreso than Gwen, Tosh, or Ianto).

      I gather Tosh dies soon too (? *shrug* ?), which would further alienate the audience...
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