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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON THREE
    Rick takes Michonne and Carl on a supply run to his former home town, where they encounter an old friend surviving alone on the edge of sanity.

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    All I can say is Holy Crap! That was such a great episode! I've been waiting for Morgan.....I was really hoping Duane was going to make it, but then Morgan wouldn't be in the state he's in and I think he's needs to be. I think it helped Rick to see where he could end up. I don't think we've seen the last of him.

    I liked seeing Michonne finally open up a little to both Rick and Carl. Rick can't afford to push her away.

    So hard to see them not help the hiker.... and none of them even batted an eye. Things have certainly hardened them, as it has to be. I think they would of handled that differently last season.


      I thought the episode was really good. I enjoyed it. It seemed a little oddly placed though, because of everything that's going on with the Governor.
      It was kind of sad seeing how things turned out with Morgan. I felt bad for him, especially when he was telling Rick what happened to his son.
      I liked the scene towards the end between Rick and Michonne, where she offers to drive. Rick seems like he's starting to trust her. I really liked Michonne in this episode.


        Although I wasn't expecting this type of episode, I did enjoy it. It was a great character study of Rick by juxtaposing him with Morgan. It showed what road he was going down on if he continued what he was doing. We'll see if this is a wake up call for him or not.
        I don't think this is the last we've seen of Morgan though.

        Now that Rick's group has the firepower, I think we should expect a big showdown.


          It is not the last we have seen of Morgan, for sure.


            I remember waiting for Morgan's return all through S1, and wondering if/how he may return for S2... The replaying of the scene of Rick calling on his radio a few times during the "Previously on..." this season made me hopeful, and yet I really wasn't expecting Morgan to appear until right when Carl shot him - at that moment I knew it was him.

            I honestly expected his son to survive... though seeing the way the Morgan story has unfolded, I see why it's gone that way. Was a little confused, as I had thought that Morgan did shoot his wife at the end of [that episode] - must be memory playing tricks. So sad and ironic that she then turned/killed her son...

            (In the zombie fantasies - err, story concepts - that I have, family killing family is such a common theme immediately after the zombie outbreak... as it just makes the event so much more powerful... I would have liked a very brief cameo as Morgan was recounting the story, of his son staring at his mother.. then turning to his father... then - cut before the chomp...)

            Annoyance 1 - Was it just me, or did anyone else feel it strange that Rick would travel all the way back home, just to try find some more guns? Surely this was a fair trek?? Far as I recall, he drove off from his home town to the big city (LA?), where he met the group who were camped outside the city limits... They then journeyed to the farm after following another major road... Oh and before all that they went to the CDC... was that LA? Or another place? Then to the prison, which I'll accept wasn't too far from the farm, as they supposedly travelled in circles all winter...

            Wouldn't you just be going town to town, breaking into all the police stations you can find... And, I thought Rick had grabbed a pretty big stash of the weapons that were at the station - in that big bag that meant so much early on... For a small-ish town cop-shop, did they really have that many weapons to make such a big journey?

            Annoyance 2 - Actually I don't know if there was anything else... Oh - actually yes - the stabbing scene... I swear the knife penetrated the middle of Rick's chest, then next angle, it's in his shoulder... And... good lord - he's just been STABBED with a sizable knife... in the shoulder/chest... Yet what's the bet he's got full mobility back in the coming war...

            It was nice to have a change of pace from Prison/Woodbury... And yes, that poor hitchhiker... I know they've got reason to be suspicious of people now... and I don't know how I'd handle the situation if it were me... (Hell, seriously it's such a headspin) But it's so sad seeing the way they've become... Especially when they went back and picked up the guy's backpack... (Yes, ok, I probably would have done that)
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              Lol, you're at the wrong end of the country. This show takes place in Georgia. The CDC is in Atlanta.