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  • tomstone
    So the whole group is called Neegan. For some time I thought it may be the initials of the Founders, since that Name is really out of the ordinary.

    I really hope they are going to be careful about returning, but given that this is TV and we need action, odds are someone is going to follow them and bring death upon them.

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  • cosmichobo
    I liked this episode...

    Carol again proving herself in various ways, though ultimately getting a glimpse of herself in the mirror that is her captor... Maggie also facing off with her own familiar.

    Ultimately, I gather we're possibly setting up something for the future, with a number of characters now "going to Morgan's side" in terms of not killing other humans, especially not in cold blood... Is that a good thing when living in the Walker Apocalypse? I do not know... but I'm sure we'll find out.

    Basically we've seen several times, most notably of course The Gov'nor, that sometimes it really just is necessary to kill to survive - even pre-emptively. If they'd hit Woodbury in a pre-emptive, and absolute strike, they'd have retained the Jail, and be growin' corn and living happy...

    That said... I couldn't do it. :} Well, I don't think...

    A lot of these types of stories depict very savage isolated realms, with a lot of death and mayhem... Frankly, given "Human Nature", I totally see this dystopian world forming following civilisation's break down, as people clamour first for their own survival, then fight for resources. Simply meeting others and saying - hey, let's trade, let's team up... will only happen until such point as a large enough group is formed to feel "safe". Once that occurs, they will likely begin to become afraid of other people...

    Sadly, once you know that "kill or be killed" is your opponent's mindset, it's pretty hard to resist adopting the same.

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  • GateWorld
    started a topic The Same Boat (613)

    The Same Boat (613)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON SIX
    Carol and Maggie are captured following the group's assault on the Saviors' stronghold, forcing Rick to try and negotiate for their release. Inside the enemy hold-out, Carol tries to get inside the minds of her captors.

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