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The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (716)

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    The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (716)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON SEVEN
    With an offer of help from an inside man and backup from the Scavengers, Alexandria prepares to take a stand against Negan when the Saviors return. Holding on to her memory of Abraham, Sasha embarks on a desperate gambit to help her friends.

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    War, finally!

    I thought Carl might be a goner for a second, what with the talk of the actor doing other stuff.

    Great end to the season, I was beginning to have doubts about this show...


      I thought it was a great finale. Changes enough to keep comic fans guessing. I laughed out loud during the Jadis/Michonne "He yours?", the look on Ricks face was priceless.

      I too got a feeling in the pit of my stomach about Carl for a minute, I was just hoping to hear the roar, yay!!

      Just so nice to see all the good guys kicking some [email protected]$!


        I really loved this season finale. It had some nice tense and emotional moments. I was expecting Sasha for die for awhile now (ever since I found out the actress was going to play the lead on Star Trek Discovery), but I really liked how they handled her death. I loved the action at Alexandria and how everyone eventually came together.


          I echo everything above although I've seen a lot of people complaining elsewhere that nothing happened, mind you these were the same people who spent six months saying they woukd never watch again last year because they hated the cliffhanger.....

          If the actor who plays Carl is leaving they have an opportunity to recast him soon...

          Slight comic spoiler
          When All Out War is done, there's a two year time jump in the comics - this would be an ideal time to recast his character as I doubt he will never be killed off since Kirkman has said many times TWD is Carl's story, my suspicion is his family did want him to leave to concerntrate on college as they said, but AMC have thrown bucket loads of money at them to keep him for another year with the promise he can leave after AOW if he still wants to considering AOW will probably take up all of season 8. Like others it was obvious Sascha was going to get Holly's(?) comic death, especially considering she isn't in the comics and signed on to ST (sorry I can't type it as STD it just makes me laugh whenever I see it shortnened to that).


            I have to admit, it was largely predictable what happened, but it was a step up from whats been happening the last few weeks, and after Carl was saved, I couldnt help but punch the air a bit...

            Its just a shame none of the major Saviors bit the bullet...


              Finally caught up! And... wow!

              I don't often "punch the air" at a tv show... but hell, it wasn't safe around me when the lion leapt into action!

              I was expecting Michonne to finally "get the shot" (albeit only winging Negan perhaps) so was then worried that she was actually dead/dying when she never got that round off... I was glad she wasn't gone, as I think Rick just couldn't handle that again.

              I fully expected Eugene to get a bullet in the head from either Rick or Rosita... of course then we found out that the junkyarders did the double cross!!! OMG I did not see that coming...

              It was a bit unbelievable that with all those people, all those guns, the only victim ended up being Sasha... but that aside, great story.

              Oh - and - Abraham! I actually miss him more than Glenn...
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