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    New Best Friends (710)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON SEVEN
    While searching for Gabriel, Rick and his group try to strike a deal with another hostile force. Elsewhere, Richard ties to convince Daryl to help him push the Kingdom into war with the Saviors.

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    The garbage dump group was weird but interesting. Rick fighting "Winslow" was pretty cool. Rosita is kind of annoying me. Loved everything at The Kingdom. Loved Daryl and Carol's reunion. I don't know how I feel about Daryl lying to her about the Saviors and everyone being ok, but I guess that's what he felt she needed to hear.
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      It'll come back to bite him on the are, just hope it doesn't cost anybody their lives, I suspect the death of the young lad will be what tips the King into the war, and may be the event that reveals the truth to her, bringing her into the fight.

      Rosita needs to wake up, she's such a *****.


        Rosita just recently lost her ****buddy whom she'd had feelings for, failed by *that* much to kill Negan, and got someone else killed instead, plus Eugene carted away... She's pissed and frustrated... And yeah - hella annoying too! :} But to some extent - understandable, and very deliberate, I'd say.

        Carol.. Oh Carol... Yes, Daryl should have told her the truth, but that would have pushed the story along too quickly. This way we all get to wait for the truth to come out at the worst possible time instead.

        I'd like to know the back story about the junkyard people... let's call them.. Junkions... (80's pop culture ref there for those who get it) I find it odd that within - what's it been? 2 years? They seem to have lost the ability to communicate "normally". Now, I get that it could all just be how they present themselves to outsiders, but....

        As for "get us guns"... that of course brings us back to our gun toting Amazon girls from the beginning of the season... We knew we'd get back there... I wonder how long it will take from here to have that confrontation.
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