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    Rock in the Road (709)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON SEVEN
    After a less than warm reception from the leader of Hilltop Rick and the group travel to the Kingdom, where Jesus introduces them to King Ezekiel -- who they ask to join them in an alliance against the Saviors.

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    I thought this was a pretty great episode. Loved Rick and the others meeting Ezekiel and his group at the Kingdom. Also loved how Rick and Michonne used the cable to cut through some of that herd. I wonder who that group of people were at the end there, hopefully they end up being allies. Really looking forward to next week.


      I think the cable between the cars is my favorite walker take down of all time! I'm sure it was supposed to signify our guys being back on the same page. Gregory is such a weasel, I can't wait to see him go down. WTH Gabriel!! Still can't figure that one out, not sure if he had already met the person in the back of the car or not, interesting.


        I think Gabriel was kidnapped by the person who was spying on Rick and the other guy at the boat, hence why he left the cryptic clue, likely related to this new group (which isn't in the comics iirc).

        I think this is their way to plug some potential plot holes that would happen in the future if they continued to follow the comics (i.e. they need new characters because otherwise their only option is to kill off existing group characters who still exist in the comics)....

        Comic spoilers:
        You cannot kill off a character that doesn't exist in the TV series that does in the comics and plays a pivitol role in All Out War, nor can you kill off a comic character in AoW who you killed off 5 years ago on the TV show. So you replace those characters with redshirts from a new group that doesn't exist in the comics.

        The pacing of the episode was also much better, not so dragged out like a few this season have been. Makes you wonder if they are going to do the comic book time jump at the end of this series or the next one (based on what little I know of the comics, I'm not sure you can stretch two volumes to 24 hours of TV time (assuming we are already at the AoW stage).


          Firstly - yes, Gabriel is in hot water But hopefully that's why Rick was grinning at the end...

          Was the run time a little longer for this ep? I kept thinking - surely it's gonna end now... which was kinda annoying, because it kept going, which felt great, but then - surely it's gonna end... soon...?

          And, to the idea of a Fast Forward... I'll be bitterly disappointed if they follow that path, given that we've never seen one before, and I've never known such things to bode well for a tv series. It can be SO disjointing for an audience, you have to invest a lot of time catching up (as a viewer) and so it can be easier to say - meh, this is too hard, what's on Netflix.
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