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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON SEVEN
    Maggie receives a less than warm welcome at Hilltop, where the town's leader Gregory continues to find himself under the oppressive control of the Saviors. Carl follows Enid when she decides to leave the safety of Alexandria.

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    Why Carl, why??? Only going to end badly...


      Originally posted by Teddybrown View Post
      Why Carl, why??? Only going to end badly...
      I actually think Carl will be ok now that Jesus is with him. Comic spoiler
      he does sneak into the sanctuary in the comic and makes it out ok
      Although I'm not sure how it's going to play out with Daryl when they get there. I'm hoping Daryl doesn't turn to the dark side. I would never of thought so but I had a co-worker plant the seed that maybe he breaks as this would be even worse to fans than if he got killed. ( I just don't see it myself though)I can't wait to see Gregory get his butt seriously kicked. Loved Maggie and Sasha this week. I wonder if we will see Tara and Heath next week? ( I missed next weeks sneak peek)


        I want to dislike Carl... I think if I didn't have a young lad myself, I would have a lot more issues with the character... But all I tend to think is - OH GOD SERIOUSLY!? ... ... ... Yeah, my son would be that stupid too.

        (For the same reason, maybe that's why I am annoyed at Enid all the time... I only have boys...)

        Yikes, if Daryl went Dark Side... I was actually thinking he would during The Cell - at least appear to go bad, to say "Negan", etc... But if we actually are shown Daryl turning bad, and clearly it's not all show... That would be... devo.

        Has Maggie's accent gotten heavier this episode, or has it always been that Southern? (Spoken by an Aussie, so forgive me if it's not really actually all that Southern.)
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