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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON FOUR
    In the wake of the prison disaster Daryl and Beth search for signs of other survivors, while Tyreese attempts to survive in the wild with a group of children. Maggie goes in search of Glenn, who is facing a new challenge back home.

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    Wow, no comments about this yet?

    New characters, Carols return, Judiths alive, thought there would be more... lol


      I hate being the first to comment, so I didn't comment lol.

      I really enjoyed the episode though. I'm glad Judith is alive and that Carol is back. I thought before the break that Judith would end up with Tyreese and the girls, and that Carol would find them. Lizzie needs help, she almost killed Judith. I really liked Beth and Daryl in this ep, Bob was pretty cool too. I kind of missed Rick, Carl and Michonne.


        Even though there were plenty of scenes with the girls here, I found them much more interesting than the whole Carl-stuff from the previous episode. At least these girls are interesting and while Lizzie obviously isn't entirely sane, she is far more enjoyable than whiny Carl.

        I wasn't at all surprised about Carol meeting up with the girls (including Judith) and Tyreese, as almost everyone already theorized about this from the moment Carol was exiled and Tyreese wasn't informed about her alleged killings. Obviously, they will eventually meet up with Carl and Rick (and Michonne) who will be so grateful to see Judith alive that no one will ever find out Carol was the one who killed those people. Kinda predictable.

        Not sure how to feel about Daryl and Beth, there was't much to go on aside from them running around and being hopeful/skeptical the others were alive. I don't know how they all managed to miss the signs the others were there after they all passed the same point, but I guess that's just a plot device. Kinda like how no one thought to suggest a meeting point in case the prison was ever attacked and people would get split up.

        Oh and the bus thing just seemed odd. If people had died from the illness and/or the Gov's people shooting at the bus, then how come the bus was locked with all the Walkers inside of it? If some had managed to escape alive, couldn't they have at least taken the effort of leaving a note or something? It just seemed like everyone on it had died, which was weird.

        Glenn and the lesbian (forgot her name) going off together was interesting. Still don't really like her but at least she wasn't pretending to be this tough as nails b*tch again who doesn't actually know/do anything. It'll be interesting to see who the group is they encountered at the end, I guess.
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          Watch it turn out that Lizzie killed Tyrese's gf & Carol saw her do it & she took the blame


            Originally posted by TheRandomOne View Post
            Watch it turn out that Lizzie killed Tyrese's gf & Carol saw her do it & she took the blame
            Yeah I have actually thought of that too. I think Lizzie is a psychopath and thought that poor Judith was a goner I liked this ep better than the previous one but thought it was a little convenient that Carol showed up like she did It's getting a tad trite IMO how they are using all the classic horror stunts that you look away no walkers then you turn back and BAM there they are! Yeah that gets you once but to do it over and over again it gets old. I expect better from our gang and so yeah some things this go around are bugging me.

            Loved it that Carol is back and Judith is safe though.
            Originally posted by jelgate
            This brings much pain but SQ is right


              Why is Carl "whiny"? He made very good points, Rick failed the group. He let the Governor escape and now Rick and Carl think Judith is dead. Herschel is dead. They lost their home and are in a diaspora.

              The little girl and Lizzy are given great material, those actresses are doing very well. I truly agree that the children of this show (Carl, Lizzy, Judith, etc) will be the ones that show us just how do people adapt to being raised in such a world?

              If these characters survive the show, they will have to grow up very different from their older counterparts. Essentially, at some point, their culture will be nothing but survival and the whispers of "life before".


                To touch on Mrja84's points...

                Carl was very whiny, and pretty annoying basically for S2 and some of S3... Thankfully he's largely passed that now so far in S4, but I agree that the 2 girls are so far more interesting than Carl has been...

                And, as with most zombie apocalypse stories, I really can't foresee a time when the zombie threat would be completely extinct. Best case scenario is, after enough time, they really just become so weak, that they aren't much of a threat... and that enough humans survive to that point in time. But as we saw a few eps ago, a zombie that can survive buried unseen, then suddenly attack, could potentially reignite the threat, as we again have fresh infected strong zombies...

                *shudder* Give me nuclear apocalypse, if I have to survive anything... :}

                I expected that the previous ep with Rick/Carl/Michonne would really be the "big" episode, as despite Rick's sanity departures, he's still been the key figure for me... But ultimately I was pretty disappointed... It surprised me thus that this episode, with all the ancillary characters had me very much on edge, very much on occasion with err wet eyes...

                Even though I knew Judith survived, seeing her in Tyreese's arms was just such a relief (darn I'm-a-parent-now-so-kid-storylines-afflict-me-horribly) Seeing Carol, yes - felt really wrong and just odd, but - Carol's back! Watching Glenn's battle for survival was very powerful too... and - ooh, our next Gov'nor??? Very curious about where the story is going now...
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                  I really like Lizzie and her sis, interesting and crazy, sane or insane, in this world what is the sane reaction to anything? Will they make us like her to kill her off? I don't care who burned those bodies, I will not like her less if she did. I hope Carol did it, would surely build her character. Whatever happens with that it sure won't be pretty.

                  Beth and Daryl seemed to make a good team. Didn't care for Maggie this ep, less of a character, if that make sense.

                  Glenns storyline was interesting. I'm not sure I care for police academy girl. Who are the new guys, friend or foe..