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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON FIVE
    Abraham's group is sidelined on the road to Washington, leading to a conflict over how to move forward and a revelation from Eugene.

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    Really liked this episode but I'm guessing not to many people will. The only problem I had was with the poor editing. I'm guessing the show went to far for AMC and they were forced to butcher it.

    I really liked Abraham'S back story. If you didn't understand what was going on his wife was raped while he was out. Abraham kills the guys that raped her but this freaks her out. The wife runs away with the kids but is eaten along with the kids. He is about to kill himself until Eugene comes along with a mission.

    I loved everything with Eugene including his beat down. I am hoping that Abraham has killed despite liking Eugene. I'm 99% sure that hasn't happen though.


      A pretty good and revealing episode.

      I started to like Eugene a bit more, even though it's been fairly obvious that he hasn't been honest with the group as to what he knows or what he might be able to do.

      We did not see too much Glen and Maggie. We saw a lot of Rosita and Abraham. It's interesting that she defended Eugene so forcefully after Eugene confessed to his lie. I also liked the connection that was developing between Tara and Eugene. They are both kind of outsiders within the group who had secrets to tell, so it seems that there was a natural bond there.

      I am getting a bit tired of Abraham's bull forward regardless of the consequences attitude. Yes, I do understand his motivations as to why the character feels the way he does, but it seems a bit too crazy that he would be willing to risk the success of the "mission" over a day of rest (and possible re-supply - food, water, gas, weapons) or to take the chance of driving right through a mass of walkers in order to save a bit of time.

      Yes, some people might die because the group takes an extra day (or two) to get to where they need to be in order for Eugene to "help" stop the zombie plague. Compare those two days to the possibility that the mission fails, because they run out of ammo, gas, food and water, and then everybody dies because the group got eaten due to a stupid decision to follow a low success plan.

      Go for Marty...


        I just realized they never explained why Abraham killed those guys. I heard from a few people that thought he went crazy and killed them and then beat up his wife without reason. After watching the episode again I realized I filled in the blanks from reading the comic. I probably wouldn't have like this episode at all if I hadn't read the comic.

        I'm thinking the editing was bad on this because they cut out the rape scenes or any mention of it. Some of the flashback scenes seem to cutoff prematurely.


          Yeah, I was thinking the editing was off on some of those scenes. Now that Ive read about the comics, I understand the scenes better too...