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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON EIGHT
    Simon and Dwight must tread lightly when Negan returns to the Sanctuary. Daryl and Rosita capture Eugene from his bullet factory, and Aaron continues his quest to bring Oceanside into the fight.

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    Well, I'm not sorry to see Simon go, he was evil. (the actor was great though). I was really thinking (hoping) that Eugene was going to do something like make bad bullets, but now he seems to truly be working for the saviors . I'm hoping that Dwight somehow makes it through this and that Rick and Co. take him in.

    So when I think back to the end of the Carl death episode, it showed Rick sitting against something with his R hand impaled muttering about his wrath and had very red rimmed eyes. Someone else big must be going during the finale, thoughts?


      There's nothing to say that scene is going to happen next week, I have a feeling next week will end on a cliffhanger with the only thing being resolved will be Morgan flying off in the helicopter towards Texas (to join Fear that airs right after) either with Jadus or without her, or even stealing the chopper from her, and the rest will remain up in the air.

      I was sad to see Simon go, he was probably more Negan than Negan himself, and as he said on Talking Dead, even he didn't realise Simon was the one that murdered all the Oceanside males until he read it in the script, so that and the paint on his shoes were a completely missed opportunity to make the story better.

      The series has become a bit of a parady of itself, tying Eugenes hands to the front, not using a blindfold, an expert tracker failing to find him when he was stood right next to him, Negan being able to fight in a leather jacket, only a few hours after falling several stories, being beat up by Rick, knocked out by the garbage girl and left out in the sun to cook, amazing.

      I just hope this quality of writing doesn't follow Gimple to Fear, he can write decent stories, but most of it it drivel and makes little sense.


        I agree that Simon was a great character, and they missed opportunities there. I don't think they are going to do any major cliff hanger. Mostly because it's already gone on too long with the Saviors and they are advertising it pretty heavily as the end of the war.

        As far as the Rick scene I mentioned previously. I have seen it in clips for the finale, but you never know. My son think's they may also kill Judith, or that for some reason Rick thinks she is dead, possibly if the saviors attack the Hilltop while Rick and Co are out using the bad intel from Dwight. I'm thinking either Daryl, Carol or Michonne may go. Of course I'm usually wrong when I try to guess ahead!

        I totally agree with the writing and how silly some of it has become. I just shook my head when that walker fell down the entire flight of stairs and not 1 person woke up. And just the never ending bullets/reloading and terrible aim...ugh.


          Nah Judith won't die, she'll take over Carl's storylines from the comics.