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Do Not Send Us Astray (813)

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    Do Not Send Us Astray (813)

    Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made. (Zap2It)


    Finally an episode of action after being teased for weeks!


      Trouble is the writing / execution of the story has become awful, if not comedic.

      Like a well trained militia is going to suddenly walk in front of a dozen open windows in the pitch black because "hey we can't see them now so they can't see us". First thing any remotely sensible person would have done was hide., the farmers setup a kill box, even I worked that out, but none of the saviours did? Seriously?

      Then, said people in open windows light em up and manage to miss 40 of 50 people who were only 15 earlier in the episode, 2 minutes after being skilled enough to shoot out the lights on the truck....

      and don't get me started on the comedy of nobody waking up after a zombie falls down a flight of stairs, if my son gets up during the night we wake up too, and he's as quiet as a mouse, seriously these people have survived the zombie apocalypse yet they suddenly forget how to lock doors and become deaf, if you've ever camped out in the sticks you know just how a tiny noise of a deer or mouse walking past your tent will wake you up, knocking over a flask sound like a bomb going off.

      I mean even on Fear the Walking Dead which was set 2 years prior to these events they worked out pretty quick anybody injured should be handcuffed to their bed for a few days or until they fully recover.

      I'm glad Gimple is being replaced but will still have some input, he has some great story ideas sometimes, but terrible execution skills, iirc the last 2.5 seasons have spanned two months in the story, but nearly three years on screen, this story should have been wrapped up 18 months ago, not dragged out for nearly 3 years.

      I think the only thing I'm looking forward to is finding out how Morgan gets to Texas, can he fly helicopters or does he have a fuel tanker stashed in the woods somewhere? The rest is just meh, so many times has Rick or Negan had the opportunity to kill each other only for their clip to run out or a zombie turn up, it's laughable.
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        Yes - the execution of the extras-bloodfest was really bad. And ultimately other than killing off one of the last Alexandrians, fairly pointless. (Ahh - I wondered what ever happened to him!)

        Compared to the "outbreak" at the Jail... and the "outbreak" at the original campsite back in S1 (or was that just a herd?)... This just really felt clumsy.

        Queue Benny Hill music...
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