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(Spoilers) Rape and The Walking Dead

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    (Spoilers) Rape and The Walking Dead


    To immediate recall, only Maggie's "almost" (?) rape by the Gov'nor really stands out throughout the whole series as a serious threat to women of The Walking Dead.

    Yes, Lori did have to fend off Shane in S1... and... was it the "Claimed It" dudes that were going to rape Michonne? But really, all told, other than the occasional innuendo, this isn't a subject that I feel they have touched on nearly as much as I sadly truly believe would be rampant in the world that they now exist in...

    The basis for this? If nothing else - Hurricane Katrina. Faced with the break down of society - what did (possibly a large number of) males begin to do? Form rape gangs...

    Actually - Maggie's sister when she was at the hospital had a guy attempt to rape her, if I recall... Maybe there's been more instances than I first thought...

    I know.. not the nicest topic to talk about... And not proud here being a male and what I think other males would do in such circumstances...


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    Yeah, I'm a woman and I don't think that all men are rapists or anything, and it's not that I want to see other women get raped or threatened with rape, but one would think that that sort of thing would be happening more in TWD world than is shown or insinuated on the show. I mean it's not that I think the female characters should be threatened with rape on a regular basis, but so far no one has actually been raped and had to deal with the aftermath of that on the show (I think Maggie being forced to take her shirt off has been the furthest they've gone, oh, and that guy threatening Carl was pretty bad too I guess).


      I to do believe it would be rampant in the TWD world but I am glad that they haven't done any as it is hard for me to watch those type of scenes.

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