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Problems with season 4...

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    Problems with season 4...

    Now I know that the season haven't even started yet, but as usual we got a sneak peek from The Flash Comic Con 2017 teaser trailer.

    The teaser features the villain: Baron Katana. He was an one-off villain from the comics, 40 or so years ago.
    He also had Samuroids (robot samurais) in the comics and used an electrified sword, presumably the one which we see in action in the teaser.

    My problem is that Wally is an able superhero now, capable of almost all of the same feats Barry can do, so he should have no problem with this guy, plus he took over as the Flash since Barry left to "his" speed force prison. Now I know that Barry will obviously return, but I expected something else, without Cisco helping him, on his own.

    The other problem is that what happens to the speed force prison after he returns to being the flash. We learned that since Savitar was killed, he can't go back to the prison and Jay Garrick was only taking the place so Barry can defeat Savitar. Now he is out and the speed force told Barry that he has to occupy the prison or else the destructive effects of the prison bleeds out into the "real world", effectively destroying Earth or probably the entire universe.
    So he comes back in season 4. What happens to the speed force prison? Doesn't it still need to be occupied by someone, so it doesn't destroy Central City or the world?
    My real problem is that they shouldn't invented this crazy thing in the first place so they wouldn't need to pull another speed force shenanigan to explain it away in this new season.

    There also some other minor problems. In these teaser trailers for the new season we usually get a glimpse of the big bad or a hint that he will emerge soon. However in these trailer we got this one-off samurai villain from 40 years ago. Where is the hint for the "promised" big bad Devoe aka The Thinker? Is he going to appear later and he just simply sent forth Baron Katana to fetch Barry Allen for him?
    I hope so. Though I'm a fan of Japan swords and samurais in general, but for them taking the role of a big bad is just a bit unreal. Maybe it worked for Wolverine, since that involved a big ass robot samurai made from adamantium and cool CGI. But for a TV show it would be too high cost to feature that level of CGI in recurring episodes. Flash has cool CGI too, but let's be honest it's still not AAA film level of CGI. However I still like it better than the CGI made for the Justice League flash. That one is just awful. They should have made a similar CGI like the Flash has in the TV show, but in blue. Maybe they thought that would confuse peole, thinking it's Zoom, but that's stupid. Besides every flash, anime or TV or Comic uses gold lightning, so it will be weird to see Barry's character breaking the tradition and so early too.
    I got a bit off track.

    So these are my problems with the new season so far.

    Do you think the same?
    What do you make of the trailer?
    sigpicHallowed are the Ori.

    I think that the plot-lines have been getting more and more convoluted. In fact, I found season 3 to be almost unwatchable. To bad. :-(


      I have seen 2 Episodes so far from Season 4. I have to say that this season is also doomed if they stay on this curse. I understand that the writers have to "nerf" the speed of Barry, otherwise he would solve things so fast and easily that the show would be boring. But this dumbing down the main hero and supporting characters had to stop.

      I mean he wears his new suit now. Cisco went nuts and put in a ton of tech to the new suit. This episode (4.2.) he gave Barry an instruction manual to read. Barry said he is going to read that later. He could've read it 2 seconds flat, but no. He chose to read it later, which we all know was just a stupid and futile plot element trying to add "fun" and "pretend danger" to a later scene. Later on when he already knew that he is going to face a techno-wizard meta, Barry chose to wear the new suit (which he didn't know a thing about) despite Cisco's warning. He said that because he already wore it in the first episode when he saved Iris, it would be no problem this time either. He was so wrong and dumb it felt like he left his brain in the speed force or (thinking back to previous seasons) didn't have any to begin with.
      Needless to say the villain immediately sensed the tech in his suit and ****ed up things for Barry big time. If it wasn't for dumb luck he would have vaporized when the self-destruct went off.

      This doesn't mean that I will not force myself trough another mostly unwatchable season just to see cool speed force eye candy and how it all turns out (again), but I certainly will not re-watch any episode ever again.
      sigpicHallowed are the Ori.