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Crossover: So it did happen. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR CROSSOVER!!!

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    Crossover: So it did happen. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR CROSSOVER!!!

    So I watched Supergirl and it was the episode with the crossover.
    During an episode a portal kept popping up and in the very end Barry and Cisco came trough.
    They asked Supergirl to help them out. (I'm going to assume with Savitar.)

    So I was a bit surprised. Not about that they popped up in Supergirls alternate universe, but that neither show did feature any episodes where they discussed the events of the previous crossover.
    Like: Barry telling Cisco that he met Supergirl (on screen). Well Supergirl didn't have to tell, because her team met Barry, but they didn't talked about it, him afterwards. Like it never happened.
    At least that's what came trough for me.
    So until now I just assumed that who Supergirl met last season was an alternate version of Barry and not our Earth-1 Barry.
    I wonder if they ever get to talk about how Zoom nearly destroyed her universe too, without Supergirl ever knowing about the thing.

    If they going to ask her to help them with Savitar:
    -Who is going up against Cadmus in the meantime? Cadmus is not just Mama Luthor, so arresting her and defeating Cyborg Superman is not going to stop Cadmus.
    -Do they know where to look for Savitar at all. I bet his hideout from the last episode now resides somewhere else.
    -If they're going to fight, that means Savitar is "returned". However he was able to whop Barry's ass while he was not "returned" too, so I'm assuming that he will be much more powerful when he finally "returns".
    I guess we will also learn that just what he means by "return".

    So tonights episode (which I will be able to watch tomorrow morning, due to time zone stuff) of the Flash will likely feature Savitars big "return" from somewhere not here. I haven't watched the promo yet, so I know nothing extra, yet.

    Let the comments commence!!!
    sigpicHallowed are the Ori.

    Im guessing you've watched The Flash now. It was widely circulated that the crossover would be dealing with The Dominators.


      Well, I don't watch TV and I live in Hungary, not in the USA. I occasionally watch promo's on you tube and watch the shows on streaming sites, without ads.
      For whatever reason I forgot to watch any promo for this week, so I was quite surprised to see aliens invade instead of Savitar.
      I guess Barry just have to tackle that "alone". I do hope that at least the three of them: Cisco, Caitlin and Barry team up for the next fight.
      sigpicHallowed are the Ori.