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The Rival and his RED (negative) Speed Force

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    The Rival and his RED (negative) Speed Force

    Well I know I'm not the only one who noticed, but I might be the only one here who knows it.

    The lightning around the rival was red whenever he used the speed force.
    Now in the comics the red lightning, the negative speed force was used by Professor Zoom.

    Here are some facts:
    Negative Speed Force Powers
    The following powers are exclusive to Professor Zoom, a user of the Negative Speed Force.

    Speed Force Negation: Professor Zoom can apparently shut off speedsters connection to Speed Force by "contaminating" it with the negative energy he generates. He can also remove aspects of their powers, such as their protective aura, causing them to burst into flames.
    Memory Absorption: Professor Zoom is capable of using his negative electrical energy to absorb the memories of another person. This process will also rapidly age a person to their death.
    Metamorphosis: Professor Zoom is capable of altering his own age at will, such as transforming into a young boy or an elderly man.

    By letting the rival have red lightning the show runners seem to indicate that in the show it has no meaning at all other than to indicate that the person using it is an enemy of the Flash.

    Which is kind of disappointing because I would've loved if the show explored more aspects of the speed force. Especially that why some speedsters have yellow and others red or blue electricity around them when running or using the speed force. They kind of touched on something interesting when last season they discovered that Zoom has blue lightning because he is faster than Barry and used a Velocity "drug" as well.

    Also here on the show they never explained how Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash got his powers.
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    I'm not sure there is too much to read into the color of the lightning of speedsters. If you pay attention, Jesse's is actually a different shade of yellow than Barry's. It could just mostly amount to being a marker to tell who are the good guys and bad guys.
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      Or just coloration differences on screen so we can see who's who when they are all going fast as heck.


        Too bad. I wanted them to have meaning like they do in the comics. Not that I read comics, but if I watch a show based on comics I usually do my homework and read up on their stories and the abilities of the characters for comparison.
        In the Flash comics red lightning is unique to the Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom character. I'm kind of disappointed at Kreisberg and Berlanti, because while I'm agreeing that they had to make different stories and not just copying the comic book ones in order to pull in viewers, I don't agree on their position, that it OK for them to mess up established facts about the characters and their abilities/general outlook.
        I mean I would still watch the show if Barry had purple ligthtning on him instead of yellow, but I would similarly comment on it like I'm commenting on this one. I think probably all other viewers and Flash fans would.
        This wouldn't be half as big an issue for me if they wouldn't stated when the show started, that they are trying to make the show as honest to the comics as possible and if they wouldn't started to explore the meaning of why Zoom had a different color of lightning than Barry.
        I doub't that they do a similar take on the Rival, especially that he was a minor villain of the week and not the Big Bad of the season.
        By the way I give Kudos to them by making a big bad not another evil speedster this time. Even if villains like Dr. Alchemy and any of the previous rogues wouldn't be much of a challenge for a speedster. I got that though that there wouldn't be a show if Barry wasn't a complete "idiot" without any sign of common sense for the sake of the plot. Or if he had FTL speed like in the comics. Guess his max speed would be an issue that couldn't be handled on screen or in live action. Maybe that's why he always says he is not fast enough. Maybe it is an inside joke.
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