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    Who is ZOOM? SPOILERS S2

    Surprisingly I didn't find another thread concerning the most burning question of season 2.

    This was my response to a Who could be Zoom and why he is scarier than the Reverse Flash? discussion on another website.

    I saved it for later use, so I don't have to re-do it again. So I demonstrate my advanced Copy paste skills for you to see.

    As my explanation reveals I actually find Reverse Flash more scarier and I'd love to see him again, this time actually "helping" Barry. --Say What?!-- Just read the wall of text; Try not to TLDR XD

    To be honest Reverse Flash looked more scarier to me. He always reminded me of Mothman with those glowing red eyes. Plus the sound he made when he vibrated sent chills trough my spine every time. Maybe because that vibrating sound was very close to the sound that bug monster made in the "Folie a deux" episode of X-files. Wells was even Scarier after Barry&Team (and we) knew who he was because Barry and the team was under surveillance, so he knew they knew he is Reverse Flash. Plus Barry&Team also know that he can come after any of them at any time and they would never stand any chance.
    Zoom is scary too, demonic even and he can obviously mangle Barry faster and stronger than the Reverse Flash. His voice is the scariest of things he has ,but so was Cavanagh's voice to me when he was talking as the Reverse Flash, vibrating his voice chords.
    His black costume also plays nicely into his whole demeanor along with his facial mask.
    I don't know if the showrunners decided on the mask because they don't want us to know the actors ethnicity even or just because it looked cool.
    Altough people could deduce better who Zoom might be if they know if he was played by an african american or white actor. If he is african american that would leave either Joe Earth#2 or Joe's "secret" son also from Earth#2. If he is white we are left with a ton of choices ranging from Evil Barry Earth#2 trough Barry's Father (Earth#1 or Earth#2), Eddie (Earth#2), resurrected Earth#1 Eddie (though that would be kind of nonsense) to future Eobard Thawne Earth#2. This assuming that the person under Zoom's mask is someone we knew. Obviously if it was Joe's "secret" son from Earth#2, then he would be an unknown person/foe for Barry&Team.

    Zoom's eye shadow is black which may suggest he is played by an african american actor, which may suggest the theory that Zoom is Joe or Joe's son (both Eath#2 obviously). OR he could wear a black eye liner/shadow as suggested in an other plac

    Maybe Cisco could vibe something out from that dart Zoom touched, but I doubt that the showrunners would play it that easy. Even if they do it won't be until close to season 2 finale.
    My secret desire is Eobard Thawne Earth#2 to show up either as his original self or taking over Harrison "Harry" Wells#2 and battle Zoom along with Barry.
    I wonder what Zoom would say about Eobard and vice versa. Also if they were one and the same just from different timelines, would they recognize each other? Team up maybe? There is still a chance that future Eobard Earth#2 is Zoom.
    I also wonder what Eobard "Wells" Thawne Earth#1 would do with Zoom if he was still around. Probably would run the hell to the End of the world seeing how he reacted when Jay's helmet fell trough the portal. I wonder how Eobard Earth#1 knew about Jay or Rip Hunter though. Did he meet them or he just remembered the Earth#2 Jay being on Earth#1 (Meaning the Jay we see on the show in current time). Rip Hunter maybe visited Earth#1 in the past also--> See Legend of Tomorrow.

    I also read up on the Reverse Flashes from the comics. In the comics Eobard Thawne was from 2525. He was obsessed with Barry (the 2nd Flash), even went trough plastic surgery to look like him. He then went back to the Flash's time with the Cosmic Threadmill to meet his hero. Unfortunately the time travel messed up his his mind and later he learned that the Flash was already dead at that current time. After this he learned that he was destined to be the Flashe's Arch enemy, Reverse Flash. That sent him over the edge ant he went completely cuckoo's nest crazy, bonkers, wanko and fulfilled his destiny blah blah blah.....
    It may be far fetched but it looks to me that Zoom is also a bit bonkers, he is obsessed to become the only speedster, some trait or idea the comic book Eobard Thawne also shared. So maybe the writers want to bring that story to the small screen but with Zoom as a twist.
    Hunter Zolomon is also a possibility and would explain the name Zoom.

    In reality at this point it could really be anybody. I wonder though :Grant or the other actors must have seen who has been cast as Zoom, they filmed together for God's sake. So unless the actor already comes to the stage in costume with the mask on and he wears it too between shoots (that would be weird though), they must know who he is. So if they say they don't know that is either a BS or the showrunners will cast someone else as Zoom when they will reveal his identity. That's also a good possibility seeing how they cast Tony Todd as Zoom's voice.

    Either way, after examining and dicsuccing, theorizing any of this possibilities the actual reveal of Zoom's identity will surely be a surprise or a shock to some.
    sigpicHallowed are the Ori.