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What will Merlin do? SPOILERS S2

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    What will Merlin do? SPOILERS S2

    Well he or someone has to because without Vandal Savage LOT would not happen. Altough it was kind of weird that why would they need more heroes and villains to fight Savage in LOT if they were able to defeat him by team Flash and Team Arrow joining forces with the "Hawks"?
    If I were in charge of these shows I would've made it that Vandal would only send one of his minions and let the minion fail. Vandal failing like this only gives bad rep to LOT before the show even begins. Well it's their folly.

    On the other hand

    With the Lazarus pit corrupted by Nyssa I totally can see that Merlin is freaking out and seking out every possibility to extend his miserable existence. He also fears that Nyssa may escape the dungeons and collects his head. Although that's not likely, not in this show.

    This is a new low even for him. Even if Savage has not lived up to the expectation to be a worthy Spinoff villain on LOT (at least in my book), he is by far the most capable villain of either show. Although Zoom may have done easy work on him by his lone some (well minus the immortal part). Maybe Barry could ask Vandal to neutralize Zoom? More likely they'd team up and kill Barry instead.

    Team Arrow and Team Flash will surely kick Merlin's ass if they find out what he's done AND I will kick theirs for leaving Vandals ashes behind. Not unlike the chemical bomb.

    Leaving the security guards to be taken out by big bad of the season (Darkh) only to make a "big" entrance after is usual everyday Arrow BS, but to just leave the bomb like that, later act like nothing happened.
    "Dude, you were ready to die to protect it a minute ago!" In fact if Barry haven't showed up Ollie would be history right now.
    Then leaving behind the ashes of the immortal dude. Honestly I was waiting for Vandal to pull a Voldemort and going trough everyone's chest in a dust-ghost form, punishing them for their stupidity.

    However I knew in my mind that after this f**kup the writers needed a plot device to bring Vandal back, somehow.
    sigpicHallowed are the Ori.

    Maybe they thought that the ashes were ok being left as is.

    But i agree with the chemical bomb being left as is.. That was foolish.


      Did Merlin say 'you owe me one mate' as he was scooping up the ashes? I thought it was something like that but could quiet make it out.

      Perhaps Savage was the one who built the pit so he's going to try and resurrect him to fix it somehow, he obviously comes back anyway since he's an integral part of LoT.


        All good theories. I can't wait to see how it plays out!


          I doubt Savage has anything to do with the pit. Damien Darhk is more likely to be connected to it according to his incident with Thea. At least TV show wise.

          This link leads to a wikipedia page on Vandal Savage:

          Here is another link on a Vandal vs Damien topic:

          I read it on a reddit post, which discussed: What would happen to Savage if he used the pit, that the meteor Savage get his powers from contained Lazarus "juices" in it's purest form.

          Darkh apparently stole water from the pit according to the former Ra's al Ghul (the one before Malcolm). If LOT launches next year that means that Arrow is less likely to be able to use Vandal's character in season 4's plot. That leaves Darhk and it would be stupid to reveal anything but him to be the one connected to the pit.

          I think it would only further degrade Vandal's character to involve him more in the Arrow series. According to DC fans it's degrading enough that the Legends can/will defeat him.
          I happen to agree with that.
          sigpicHallowed are the Ori.


            Shouldn't this be in the Arrow thread? I know it is in reference to the crossover episode...but this is about an Arrow character. Just curious.