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    Reapercussions (203)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON TWO
    Clarke joins forces with Anya in an attempt to escape from Mount Weather. Abby confesses to aiding a rogue operation, and Finn and Bellamy discover a lead on their missing friends. Meanwhile, Octavia appeals to Lincoln’s people for help in finding him.

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    Not a bad ep. Glad to see Thelonious made it down safe, and that clark got away from the reapers with Anya.
    Some of the grounders looked ok in this ep, what with that black chick who 'trusted' Octavia to help in the ambush.
    But the end with Lincon and those other grounders, being held by the Mt Weather people, are REALLY making me hate them.


      I see the pun you did there. A turn around episode from the previous ones. The best part to me was the discovery of the Reapers. We learn from the Clarke story that the Mountain Men created the Reapers. I like this as it show how vicious the Mountain Men are. To turn Grounders in feral cannibals shows how desperate the Mt. Weather people are to survive. The Clark story of her and Anya running through the maze I think is mostly to see the friction between the two women. All Clark really cares about is escaping. Anya is a more bitter of all the people Clark helped kill. This climaxes on the jump through the waterfall where Anya just runs off by herself while Clarke hesitates. It shows the difference between the two. This is what I call the first sign we have of Finn's descent into ruthlessness. I seem to recall this is the first time he was willing to commit atrocities in the name of finding the others (but we know its Clarke). It was Finn that brutally tortured then killed Delano after he gave Finn a clue to where the others are located. I also kind of noticed we are slowly getting redemption for Murphy. He was trusted with a rock when he tried to kill Belamy only a few days ago. Speaking of redemption, I loved the story of Kane and Abby of how they slowly realize they should let go of the Ark ways. I agree in terms of law that Abby should of been punished but lashings seems too middle ages to me. This part is important that it shows know that the Ark is on Earth they can develop a more realistic law system. Also I think it ends the friction between these too. I can't be bothered to talk about the Octavia story because it was too boring. I was interested in what was going to happen to Lincoln now that he was captured by Mt. Weather people
      Originally posted by aretood2
      Jelgate is right


        I really liked this episode. Loved the parts with Clarke and Anya in the Reaper tunnels (though I find it pretty convenient/silly that the clothes that Clarke grabbed off the floor happened to fit her and Anya so well lol). We find out that the Reapers are controlled by the Mountain Men, and that Lincoln has been chosen for something other than being harvested.

        Octavia seems to have gained some respect from the Grounder leader Indra, and Lincoln's healer friend, for how she handled her self against the Reapers (and helped save Indra's life during the fight). This feels like an important step in her journey this season.

        Finn starts to go psycho during this episode. He beats a Grounder for information and later executes him while the others are arguing about what to do with him, (after the Grounder tells them that their friends are in a village to the East). Finn's interrogation and subsequent execution of the Grounder is contrasted by the way Kane treated the Grounder that he had in his custody.

        I loved Kane and Abby during this episode. Kane was only following the rules when he sentenced Abby to 10 lashes for helping Bellamy and the other kids escape and giving them weapons. I love how Kane realizes (with a little help from Abby) that now that they are on the ground they don't have to be as ruthless and uncompromising as the were on the Ark. He comes to see being on the ground as a chance to start over and make something better.