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    The Calm (111)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON ONE
    After the camp's food supply is lost Clarke and Finn lead a hunting party into the wood, only to find themselves in the hands of the Grounders. Kane and the other Ark survivors fight for their lives after the Ark is left crippled.


    I have said multiple times of how episodes are leading up the finale. This episode is no exception but this time is not in a positive way. This episode is pure filler and was clearly set up for not only the season finale but also season 2. The big premise is that Clark and Finn get kidnapped by Grounders and now Clark must save a Grounder she helped wound in the first place. It just seems like a gap filler to prolong the coming battle with the Grounders and a cliché sort of events of save my warrior or you die. While watching this episode I did come up with a question. Is the Grounder society matriarchal in origin? Anya is the leader and the person she trains (as customary is Grounder society) is also a woman. Coincidence or part of their society. I knew Clark was going to fail and the Grounder we're going to "kill" Finn. It was also too easily how Clark escaped that prison. I found where part of the 100 go rescue Clarke and Finn (after finding a live red shirt) had me more curious. Only for the reason of the strange radio signal Monty and Raven hear and Monty's subsequent disappearance. Where did Monty go? It was an interesting mystery as it never felt like Grounder's work. The looking for the survivors on the Ark was also kind of dull and uneventful. Of course we knew Abby, Jaha, and Kane survived. How Abby survived being next to that dropship, I'll never understand. The only redeeming part is watching Kane struggle to rescue Jaha. In the pilot he would gladly have let Jaha die because of resources. I think it shows how much Kane has changed
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    Jelgate is right


      I thought this episode was ok. Other than Monty going missing after he discovered a signal that probably caused the Exodus Ship to crash, I didn't really care much for what was happening on the ground. I didn't feel like Clarke or Finn were in danger, even when Anya ordered Finn killed after her Second died. Raven having meaningless sex with Bellamy to get back at/try to forget Finn because she thought he was spending the night away from camp so he could be alone with Clarke was pretty predictable/cliché, and I really didn't care for it.

      I really liked the parts that took place on the Ark though. I found it more interesting and cared more about what was happening with the characters. Loved Kane in this ep. He really took charge and tried to save as many people as he could, including Jaha and Abby. I liked how he wasn't willing to let more people die because of him. He seems like a different person than the one we were introduced to at the beginning of the season. I really loved how his character developed throughout the season. I instantly loved Wick. I loved his interactions with Kane. I love Abby, but I think it was weird and convenient that she survived in a service bay next to where the Exodus Ship was attached to and broke away from.


        Kane was the most interesting character in this ep for me.. More so than even the usual crowd.


          Previous tally: 89/102


          Clarke has to save a Grounder. Finn will die if she fails, and she failed as predicted.
          Myles was cannonfodder.

          It wasn't smart to keep all the food in one place, if you ask me, but hey I'm not one of the 100. Not all of their decisions make sense, or are the smartest.

          Raven's pissed.
          Monty goes missing.

          Kane was being awesome on the Ark, and oh... Abby wasn't on the Exodus ship. I totally forgot.

          A rather uneventful episode, leading into the finale.


          Total teenagers left standing --> 89*
          * not counting the 14 graves from episode 110 - unclear whether these are the total deaths or virus victims (if total than I'm missing a death somewhere).

          Monty, Finn and Clarke missing.
          No deaths.

          89 left standing of the 102 in total.
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