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The 100 actors in other films/shows

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    The 100 actors in other films/shows

    Well, we have a thread like this for ALL the SG shows, but not many others.
    So i figured i would start one here..

    Marie Avgeropoulos was just in a movie i saw the ending of, called Tracers.. She has a longer list of other shows/films (most i have never even heard of).. Except Hunt to kill, a B rate movie of Steve austin's.. She was his daughter in the film.

    Eliza Taylor was in the Brosnan movie, November man. And i liked that film..

    Paige Turco (Dr Abbie) was April O'neill in the old 1991-93 era Teenage mutant ninja films (though not the third). She's also had several eps of NCIS, NICS new orleans, Blue bloods and SVU. She was also in 2 other movies i have seen (one of which i thought was very good), Invincible with Whalberg, and Game plan with the rock.

    Bob Morley (Bellamy) has not had much besides his Aussie tv shows.. Pity i would like to see him in something besides those (or a b-rate horror movie)..

    Christoper Larkin (Montey), seems to be mostly a teen tv show guy, but like Bob has not had much else..

    Henry Ian Cusick (Marcus), has been in a lot (similar to Paige), He's going to be in the Inhumans TV show this year as Dr Evan, he had an 8 ep run in Scandal, Most of his work though's been in TV shows or TV movies.. However, he was in a 'sci-fi special' (disaster knock off) called 10.0 earthquake and in the major film Hitman.

    Isaiah Washington (Jaha) has had a vast career, been in plenty of good films some b rate ones, and tv.. Some of his work i liked was in Romeo must die, Clint Eastwood's film True crime, Hollywood homicide (man is that film a good action-comedy!), Clockers and Exit wounds..

    Lindsey morgan (Raven reyas) Another who's mostly been in TV shows. Especially General hospital (almost 70 episodes!)..

    Devon Bostick (Jasper), may he rot, Has been in a LOT of stuff, most of which i've never seen (some i've never heard of)..

    Richard Harmon (Murphey), has been in some good stuff (percy jackson's lightning thief and age of adaline), and a # of tv shows (Caprica and continuum)..

    Adina Porter (indra) has had an illustrious long career in film and tv (mostly the latter)..

    Thomas McDonell (Finn) may he rest in peace, has not had much other than some tv shows and a few films one of which was an uncredited role (dark shadows).

    Alessandro Juliani (sinclair), man has he been around. Battlestar galactica, the 100, and a hell of a lot of other shows and films.

    Zach Mcgowan (Rohan), done quite a few stuff. Inc as Ivan in agents of shield, black sails and shameless.. IMO if they ever decided to do a conan tv show, he would be great!

    Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey (Lexa), seems to keep to tv, like her long stand in the 'fear the walking dead' show, but she's had some good film roles, including Into the storm (even with it being shakey cam and found footage, i loved it).

    Probably the one with the MOST acting under his (or her) belt though, is Michael beech (Pike).. He has way too many for me to list that ive seen..