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    Originally posted by Ian-S View Post
    But they did, that was the whole plan, substitute the package for one of their own and send one person along to do the fine details, that's why they went to all the trouble of swapping over the carriage labels onto "their" package. Dino was the decoy that allowed Jim to plant the bomb, but to send him through on the quiet he had to be sedated, and Jim's little(ish) needle full of adrenaline was to wake him up at the destination, that's the way I understood it.
    Originally posted by tomstone View Post
    Okay, I might just have missed something, but I had no idea about the Dino till they actually opened the Cargo and then I was like "When the heck did they have time for this?!?"
    Yeah, I get what you're saying now, there was a scene about 10 minutes earlier where they turned up with the substitute capsule at the makeshift camp and Jim asks how it went and Taylor answered that it took some doing, but they got there in the end (or words to that effect). That's what tipped me off, especially when they changed the transport labels later, instead of just throwing Jim in the back and swapping personnel over, which would have been the easy way to do it if all you wanted to do was take a bomb - I was like bet there's a Dino in that to which I was told to shut up and stop spoiling it LOL by the others I was watching with.