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    I like the little nod to Avatar in how Taylor wears his pistol on left leg with pistol grip aiming forward. Lang wore it the same way when he played Quaritch.

    Shannon in command reminds me of a previous question asked in this section about who'd take over if something happened to Taylor, I guess this means we know, although in fairness he was leading the mole hunt so who knows. Skye as the informer was a bit weak. I guess if it had to be anyone she would be the obvious choice, but still, bit stupid that they'd not think about setting up a bit of surveillance on the lab or can time travel yet CSI can still do a blood test faster.



      Originally posted by Steelbox View Post
      Yeah, it was a bit obvious when she went to retrieve the fuel cells from the sixer's truck back in the first episode. I believe Jim will find out but won't tell Taylor, anyway he already has a possible infiltrator inside, the outcast murderer.
      I just seen them when they were in a group i was like yeah because they dont like trouble.... i bet there sixers
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