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How Season 14 connects with season 1-5

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    How Season 14 connects with season 1-5

    Hey folks,

    I want to talk about how the big revelation at the end of S14 connects with the larger mythology of the show.

    I recently rewatched S1 - S6 before my Netflix expires and I was struck by the conversation Michael had with Lucifer in "Swan Song". Lucifer was trying to convince Michael that they didn't need to fight, arguing that since God created him he knew Lucifer would rebel and it would lead to that moment, but he couldn't figure out why God would do that.

    Well, thanks to "Moriah", we know God isn't just writing the stories, but he's a fan of Sam and Dean. What Lucifer couldn't understand was to God it was just a show, entertainment.

    I guess he gave God too much credit.

    There's also a great bit when Chuck is introduced how he remarks how he did so many terrible things to Sam and Dean and was a petty God or something like that.

    But I think the larger theme Season 1-5 had tackled was the idea that hunting is the normal for the boys and that they can't get out of "the life". They had a destiny that kept forcing them done a certain path. But they also tried to do things their own way.

    Season 1 had Sam finally get Dean to back his play and get Dad to loop them in on the plan to kill Yellow Eyes. This whole don't follow orders from the Father and instead make your own path is the underlining connective bond between Sam and Dean. It's what their partnership, brotherhood is a built on.

    Season 2 had Dean suffer over having to decide whether he really may need to kill Sam, while Sam struggles with fighting the plans Yellow Eyes has for him. Dean struggling not to listen to his Dad and Sam trying to continue down his own path and prove Yellow Eyes wrong.

    Season 3 has Dean and Sam struggle with Dean's demon deal. Dean initially not wanting to fight the deal (or "fate") and Sam slowly and finally convincing him to fight against it.

    Season 4 has Dean return as an unknown piece of a plan by the Angels to win the war against Hell. Sam has given in to his darker impulses and relishes in the power Yellow Eyes gave him via demon blood. After losing Dean last season, Sam stopped fighting and decided to give in to the demon blood if it meant getting revenge for Dean's death. It allowed him to fall into the plans of others and losing his way. Dean being unable to get his brother to see reason and struggling to fight the plans the Angels have for him.

    Season 5 continues with Dean fighting the plan the Angel's have for him and Sam fighting the plan Lucifer has for him. This led Dean to dub them Team Free Will after Castiel joins them, having rebelled against heaven the previous year.

    This connects with Season 14, specifically episode "Moriah" as they ask God when does all this drama and pain he wrote for them end. When will Sam and Dean finally be free of the forces that have controlled their lives and be truly free to make their own choices in order to build a life for themselves.

    Season 15 is going to be all about Team Free Will going up against the only being that has kept them in this cycle of conflict for their whole lives. They want true freedom from outside influence.

    So very excited about this upcoming season!

    Any other thoughts on this or other examples people may want to add?
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    One thing I have noted in some of the episodes of season 14 is that quite a few "new" rules come to Sam and Dean's attention. Also, some rules they thought they knew were just God making workarounds for Sam and Dean.

    They haven't done it too much, but when they do it's at the boys' disadvantage.

    They also have learned some of things the have been told by God and Lucifer were lies. Yet, there are still others where they haven't voiced doubt about at least on the show.

    * God and Lucifer both said Michael was crazy/insane in the Cage, but he was just making a partnership with Adam. Sharing Adam's body and being sort of friends.

    * Yet God claimed that, if he dies, the universe dies (requiring some kind of balance). That statement from season 12 hasn't been questioned yet.