Hello, My name is Victoria and I am the leader of Castiel's Angels! A group run out of Vegas to help the Supernatural cast & their different charities & organizations. We also help the band Louden Swain (Lead singer Rob Benedict).

Short Back Story on Castiel's Angels

I talked to Misha,Rob,Jensen,and Jared about starting this team & I have a lot of tasks to do by February. Misha wants me to get a team together of people willing to help out & be apart of something great! We are accepting a lot of people from all over the US! We just need fans that really want to help out!

This is for charity, but also if you are artistic & can make Supernatural items we need you! Misha needs a lot done! But if you can promote! We need you to! Check out our facebook page! Facebook.com/CastielsAngels

And we have a website now




We want to make a difference!! This fandom is strong! Contact me!