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Brazilian Wonder Woman to replace Supergirl?

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    Brazilian Wonder Woman to replace Supergirl?

    Looks like the CW has greenlit, at the very least, a pilot for a Brazilian Wonder Woman, who I think will debut in the upcoming Future State comics.

    Based on the timing and that it's a female superhero, I am thinking this may be CW's way to fill the hole Kara will leave behind.

    While Superman and Lois will be around, that would leave no CW show with a super-powered female lead. Legends of Tomorrow has a female lead, but it's a superhero team.

    Supergirl would leave an absence for a show that centers on a female lead and cater to the fanbase Supergirl has created.

    I'm looking forward to it, but I am a bit surprised it's not going to be Diana.

    From the looks of it, it seems Superman, Batman, and Diana have all been around before Oliver's Green Arrow in this post-Crisis world.