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The Future of Star Wars (SPOILERS for RoS)

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    The Future of Star Wars (SPOILERS for RoS)

    So, now that the Skywalker saga has come to an end (even though we will see more of Skywalker in the new Clone Wars season), what does the future hold for Star Wars?

    Obviously we still have stuff coming (Mandalorian Season 2, new Clone Wars season, Ewan McGregors show) but what do we think the bigger picture will be? Will it be set in the distant past, distant future?

    All of the presently-announced stuff still falls comfortably within (or relatively close to) the film era, spanning from TPM to TROS:


    - NOVEL: Queen's Peril

    Between TPM and AOTC
    - NOVEL: Thrawn: Ascendancy - Chaos Rising
    - NOVEL: Thrawn: Ascendancy (books 2 and 3)

    Between AOTC and ROTS
    - TV: The Clone Wars S7

    Between ROTS and ANH:
    - TV: Obi-Wan Kenobi show
    - TV: Cassian Andor show

    Between ESB and ROTJ
    - COMIC: "Star Wars" (ongoing series)
    - COMIC: "Darth Vader" (ongoing series)
    - COMIC: "Bounty Hunters" (ongoing series)
    - COMIC: "Doctor Aphra" (ongoing series)

    Between ROTJ and TFA
    - NOVEL: Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall
    - NOVEL: Alphabet Squadron (book 3)
    - TV: The Mandalorian Chapter 8
    - TV: The Mandalorian S2
    - COMIC: "The Rise of Kylo Ren" (limited series, issues 2-4)

    Between TLJ and TROS:
    - TV: Resistance 212-219

    I guess the big question marks, as far as stuff that's been announced, right now are:

    1) The 2022/24/26 trilogy that was supposed to be done by Benioff/Weiss before their departure/firing. I don't even know if those movies are still on the schedule, or if they've been delayed indefinitely. What they're about has never been announced.

    2) The trilogy of films that Rian Johnson is supposed to be doing. Last I heard (in the last few months) was that he's been so busy with Knives Out that he hasn't even started working on SW, so even if he starts busting his ass like now, I would be very surprised to see the first of these movies any sooner than 2022. What they're about has never been announced.

    3) That one they announced a little while back that's going to be produced by Kevin Feige (of MCU fame). Feige is probably busy as hell shepherding the next phase of the MCU right now, so who knows when this will materialize, and what it's going to be about also has never been announced.

    So, right away, that's seven new movies announced that we don't know what they're about.

    My wild speculation of that's based on zero inside knowledge whatsoever....

    At least in the immediate future, we will not see anything Jedi- or Sith-related set post-TROS. The story of the Jedi and the Sith is pretty definitively concluded by the ending of TROS. Yes I know you could say the same about the ending of ROTJ, but at this point the entire (biological) Skywalker/Organa/Solo family, which has driven the franchise since 1977, is dead and gone.

    I would not be at all surprised to see a post-TROS comic series about the adventures of Lando and Jannah.

    I would not be at all surprised to see either a comic series or a novel about Poe's time as a spice smuggler with Zorri Bliss.

    There is definitely more post-Solo story to be told about Han, Qi'ra, and Maul. I'd expect they would block anyone from doing a comic or novel about it because they'd want to continue that story in a movie, but with the "A Star Wars Story" movies on indefinite hold, whatever that story might be is in indefinite limbo.

    Despite the current indefinite hold on any more "A Star Wars Story" films, I think they would be absolutely freaking insane not to do a standalone Lando movie starring Donald Glover; and wouldn't it be fun if they bookended the movie with it being Billy Dee Lando telling a story about his younger days? But as we well know, actors don't get any younger the longer you wait (and Billy Dee is 82 now), so if ever they're going to do this, they need to do it in the next few years.

    I do also think it's a very real possibility that we'll see more Jedi-free stories, films maybe, set in the Imperial period between ROTS and ANH. Both Solo and Rogue One nicely touched in this era being dirty and rough, and I have to believe there are some enterprising filmmakers out there who find that kind of setting as enticing as I do. And everybody seems to enjoy blasting stormtroopers, so there's sure to be a crowd-pleasing element to doing stuff in this period.

    There's 10 years between TPM and AOTC, and there's only been a few stories set in there. Seems like a fertile ground to tell stories featuring the Republic, the Jedi, the Hutts, fringe powers in the Outer Rim, and so on. With the moviegoing public having long since past by this era though, I think it's more likely we'd see this era in books and comics, not in films.

    There's a 3 year gap between ANH and ESB. Seems like a good period to do some pew-pew Rebels vs. Empire stuff on screen. This might be complicated a bit with Lucasfilm's new regime of 'everything is canon,' and comics and stuff soon exploring this period, but it is still 3 years, and they've juggled confined timeline periods before (with Rebels). Another trouble with doing stuff in this period is long-term making sure it doesn't get overstuffed, as happened with the old Expanded Universe where there were just a ludicrous number of things set in this gap.

    A sort of Shadows of the Empire do-over. I don't mean that they should actually totally remake that story, but something in that vein. In canon, there is currently no story outlining the heroes tracking Boba Fett/Han from Bespin to Tatooine, or Luke learning how to construct a lightsaber. Granted this wouldn't work as a live-action thing due to actor ages (or deaths ), but it could easily be done by cartoon/CGI, or comic, or novel.

    There is a period of 1 year between the end of ROTJ and the end of the war at the Battle of Jakku. This seems like fertile ground for more war storytelling, the fledgling New Republic vs. the fractured warlord period of the Empire (and its consolidation under Admiral Sloane and Gallius Rax). But with the Lucasfilm 'everything is canon' approach, this would probably be quite difficult to entice a filmmaker/showrunner to do, since you'd constantly be stepping on their storytelling toes.

    We've also been left hanging by the ending/epilogue of Rebels, and the search for Ezra that it seems Sabine and Ahsoka are beginning right at the end of the war. Given that all three of these characters are Dave Filoni's babies, I'm rather expecting that this story will be done in animation on TV at some point.

    Between ROTJ and TFA, there's a 30 year time gap in which we know very little. We've got a lot of stories set in the year after ROTJ, but after that there's really only about three stories that have been told in that whole time: 1) the Phasma novel, which is largely set on an isolated planet; 2) the novel Bloodlines, six years pre-TFA, which plants the seeds of the Resistance; and 3) the first season of Resistance, which is just a lead-up to TFA. Trouble is, this era is apparently mostly peaceful. So unless you do some First Order development and growth stories, I'm not sure what you'd do with it.
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      Oh, and I would definitely be on board with any kind of on-screen depiction of the old wars between the Jedi and the Sith. We've got hints of it in canon so far (Exawhatever in TROS, Moraband and Bane in TCW, Malachor in Rebels), but it seems like it could be an attractive option for any filmmakers or animators who'd love to do things like the SWTOR trailers/promo cinematics from a few years back.

      "A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people. That's it, the end." -- Penelope Wilton in Ricky Gervais's After Life


        Those trailer were awesome!


          Here is a smorgasbord of SW's future with a side of more to come!!

          10 SW's series and 1 movie (rogue squadron in 2023) in the 'first wave' of plans

          a Cara Dune/Bo Katan show= 'rangers of the new republic'

          Hayden Christensen back as Vader in SW's:Obi Wan Kenobi

          Mandalorian will have a season 3 and more seasons, with episodes that will overlap with Rangers of New Republic

          A Japanese anime series of short stories from the SW's universe, and R2D2 and C3PO get their own fan service show



            Came across this, looks like there will be comics too.