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    Originally posted by Falcon Horus View Post

    That instagram post was the last drop. The news outlets make it look like that was the only thing she's being punished for. She wasn't. Lucasfilm/Disney was well in their right to terminate her contract, and I'm surprised they didn't do it a lot sooner, considering some of her posts.

    I have liked Cara Dune very much and think Gina did a wonderful job giving her a voice, bringing her to life.
    But I agree with her termination. Opinions such as hers have no place in a company like Disney/Lucasfilm. She's a public figure and should have known better, but we all know common sense goes out the window sometimes.

    Freedom of speech is all well and good, but sometimes it helps to think before you post.

    Also... you may not like it but employers have every right to kick your ass out the door when your views don't align with the company's policy (and that applies to every part of the spectrum, left to right and right to left). Especially companies which have a reputation to uphold in the public eye. Bad publicity, in whatever form, is not good for the numbers, by which I mean the revenu.
    I did not type word one regarding the ability of an employer to fire a employee for any reason or no reason at all

    but this SJW crusade against her --social justice warrior-- has been going on for a long time.. first it was something about her not supporting trans athletes competing in women's sports---- women's sports should be for women only

    then they were on her about her refusing to list her "pronouns" on her twitter acct--the SJW's got very mad because all the other cast members listed their pronouns when pressured but she didn't

    then this .. and, as I DID TYPE all she did was recount history... how the nazis whipped up public frenzy to a point where the jews were 'cancelled" first socially and economically, then literally cancelled= killed

    maybe her analogy is a bit histrionic, but it IS her right to say as she will, it is her speech and opinion

    she spoke out against cancel culture and got cancelled-- her point proven. obviously she was not that attached to her job with DISNEY or she would have just shut up awhile ago, posted her 'pronouns' and then locked step with the mob

    use your own words... you should be able to- what PRECISELY did she type that was so "outrageous/hateful"? again, is recounting history hateful or dangerous? i sure the hell hope not or we are all screwed