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Finale, Part 2 (1022)

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    Originally posted by nathanddrews View Post
    Why watch it? We watched it because we ARE so fond of Superman and we kept watching in hopes that it would get better. And it did get better in some ways, when Clark left Smallville to seek his destiny as "The Blur" in Metropolis, it felt like he was really trying to leave his forlorn attitude behind him and embrace his true self.

    The most grating part of the show was that it focused too much on overly exaggerated and overly emotional relationships. Also, less whining would have been better. You can have a strong and emotionally deep Clark character without resorting to cheap, Dawson's Creek drama.

    Ultimately, it's just disappointing that it took EIGHT seasons of Clark repeating the same mistakes before he took his destiny seriously. We just feel that this could have been accomplished in much less time and made for a much more engaging and interesting show.

    Then you should've ended your misery earlier. As LoneStar1836 said this show wasn't about was about Clark discovering who he was. The story runners took a different direction than the mainstream Superman evolution, which I liked. It is also what I like in the current Man of Steel movie. Also, I never watched Dawson's don't know what cheap drama you're talking about.