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    Wrath (707)

    Visit the Episode GuideSMALLVILLE SEASON SEVEN

    A lightning strike gives Lana Clark's powers and unleashing her aggressive side, leading her to break into Lex Luthor's safe and steal incriminating evidence.

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    Was a fantastic ep. One of the best. Glad they revealed Lana's dark side.
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      Seems like I've seen someone steal Clark's power with the help of lightning before.
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        I liked the earthquake part


          You know, the stealing powers by use of lightning was ridiculous enough, but could be explained as being that one kid's super power. But now, apparently, ANYONE can steal Clark's powers, as long as they're holding a green rock and electricity is hitting both them and Clark.
          Absolutely stupid. Why wouldn't all of Clark's enemies just come up, hold out a piece of kryptonite, and have a henchman shock them both?

          Bah. So stupid.

          And the earthquake scene? Wow... that was just... wrong...

          Also, Lana learned to use her abilities (such as the hearing and x-ray) surprisingly fast.

          Smallville episodes have at least a hundred plot holes per show these days.

          I also love it how Lana zooms in two seconds after they leave the room and starts making noise that could probably be heard throughout the mansion without even giving all the ruckus she's causing a second thought. Very clever.

          Something I like about this episode is Lana saying, "You can do anything, and all you've done is hide out on some farm."

          Episode after episode everyone keeps telling Clark to get out there and save the world. WHY ISN'T HE!? Oh yeah, cause the writers are scared to develop the plot. Instead, they'll keep recycling stuff for season after season.
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            Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
            I liked the earthquake part
            It was funny ..hehee


              Earthquake... please.......