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i hope lana dont come back again

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    I'm watching Smallville from the start, and currently up to season four and pretty sure I've discovered the episode where I started to really dislike Lana, episode 8.

    Really, they had nothing better to do than some crap, awful and pointless relationship before this point but being possessed was the nail in the coffin. It's like watching an episode of Charmed and having three witches being tarted up for fan service.



      She did not come back and the series finale was the lowest in Smallville series finale history at barely 3 million viewers. (The show in the 2nd season, was at almost 10 million.) Folks barely noticed the show going off the air, in the other networks. This is totally different when Kristin was advertising the show on MTV,Conan Obrien,and on most morning talk shows. Sorry, but Al and Miles stated that Kristin set the tone for the show, and was picked up mainly because the WB saw her tape. And this was before Clark was cast. and when she left,the ratings dropped so low that the CW had to scoot the show to Fridays to let it die. The show was excellent in the 1st 3 years.
      But after that the show's stories got diluted to many other direction story lines and was too hard to follow, fans just left the show out of frustration, because the show left the original premise of Lana,Clark and Lex relationship as friends and growing up with each other.
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