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Kristin Kreuk/Lana Lang WOW/Thunk/Appreciation Thread

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    First 2 pic from 'Chuck'


      Kristin is so hot. I loved her on Smallville wish they had brought her back


        Kristin is getting her own show, Beauty and the Beast, based on the 80's show with the original producer. The show got Emmys then. Looks like a good cast. If it makes the line up it will be great to see her back on TV.
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          I can remember the 1980's version.
          Kirsten is going to do the role justice. In othr word she'll be great.
          I wonder if Linda Hamilton would make a cameo appearance?
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            Interesting thread indeed.

            My 2 cents -

            Lana definitely has the countenance to admire...

            Lois has all the curves.

            Chloe is cute and sweet, but.....

            Kara/Supergirl has them all beat in every way!

            I wonder if she was not asked back after Season 7 in order to make us appreciate Lois more.

            I hope this
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