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    Visit the Episode GuideSLEEPY HOLLOW - SEASON TWO
    A series of mysterious deaths at Tarrytown Psych leads Abbie and Ichabod to discover that an especially surprising spirit is involved. (FOX)

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    I liked the episode for the most part.

    I was ok with Crane being out of most of this episode but didn't like how he was taken out. Also didn't like that Abbie was ok with Crane being drugged. I guess I feel Crane was violated.

    I didn't really care for Holly at all in this episode. He and Jenny were doing some serious face time a few episodes back. In this episode that barely acted like each other was there. The fact that Holly was hitting on Abbie last episode never came up. Even though they were in a serious situation I thought there should be some tension between them or chemistry between Holly and Jenny but there was nothing. I wasn't looking for anything big just something like Holly putting his hand on Jenny's shoulder. Basically anything that would show that their make out session wasn't a random event.

    I liked the baby scene and the backstory on Abbie, Jenny, and their mom. I'm also happy the captain escaped the hospital.


      I really liked the back story on Abbie and Jenny.

      In the scene in the garage when Lori Mills was trying to kill herself and Jenny, it wouldn't have worked, because when she crashed out of the garage, the back window on the passenger side was open.

      I liked Hawley being in the episode. He was more of a back-up for Crane in my opinion, though I liked that he went and got some "medicine" for Crane, even though it was drugged. Crane would not have sat still while the others went off to solve the mystery.

      When they found their Mom's drawings behind the plaster on her room, I got kind of emotional right along with the girls. Hawley was even affected by that whole thing. Love how Hawley and Jenny found the diary and that Jenny was the one to recite the bit that destroyed the nurse.

      I was happy to see that Katrina wasn't all mothery about the "baby". She was suspicious about it from the start. She was even going to try and kill it until she saw the "baby" had grown into a little boy. Now what?

      It was great that Sheriff Reyes trusted Abbie to solve the mystery at the psychiatric place. I would love to see the report that Abbie writes up on the events there.

      Next week looks to be really exciting.
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        Is next week a 2 part season finale?


          Originally posted by Teddybrown View Post
          Is next week a 2 part season finale?
          Yes. It's part 1 of the 2 part finally. Part 2 will be Dec1st. then the break.


            I thought this was a very good episode. The back story, the evil nurse demon, Mama, and the emotion by the girls was great.

            I really like that the girls now have this family journal, and hints that there is something mystical or maybe "magic" in their lineage. Perhaps this will lead to future understanding of why Ichabod and Abbie are the Witnesses.

            I'm on the fence about putting Ichabod to sleep by "drugging" him. I don't think Abbie would be ok with doing something potentially harmful or non-consensual to Ichabod.
            I think I see it more as Abbie was mothering him a lot and like a child she would give him the meds he needed to sleep, if he wasn't taking care of himself. It's just weird that it was Hawley helping her with this (medicating Ichabod).