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    Visit the Episode GuideSLEEPY HOLLOW - SEASON THREE
    After a startling discovery, Abbie and Crane realize what they must do in order to make Pandora's box complete again. Meanwhile, the team works tirelessly to stop The Hidden One, before he destroys all of humanity. Can the Witnesses succeed with the fate of the world in their hands once again? (FOX)

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    Guess I'm the only one still watching, oh well RIP


      It's my understanding that since this page is devoted to a specific episode, you don't have to put comments in spoilers.

      I was crying throughout the scenes between Abbie and Crane and her leaving. I felt so badly for Crane, but am now curious as to what will happen (should they get renewed) with the government.

      In case anyone is wondering Nicole Beharie wanted out of her contract, supposedly because of the way she was sort of sidelined in Season 2 in favor of Crane's wife and son storyline. Also supposedly the producers asked her to come back this season so they could do her own storyline justice.

      I also want to find out more about Dad Mills and how he fits into the Witness storyline, since he made a few comments about them and then gave Crane a letter from George Washington (and I'd love to know how he got hold of that).

      I have no sympathy for Pandora or her husband and am quite satisfied that Jenny killed him, and that Headless got to come back and deal with Pandora.

      According to interviews with producers/writers, since Nicole wanted out, Sophie (the other female FBI agent) was brought in as a possible replacement for Abbie, and I'm so hoping she isn't. I liked her, but the writers didn't do her character any justice while she was in the show and they would have to change her drastically to be a fit replacement.

      I thought it was a good, though very sad, episode.


        I thought Sophie was quiet good, I didn't know about any of the internal problems the show had until I read them after this episode, it seems a shame that race was bought into it, I don't know the full story (I guess none of us will) but if Nicole Beharie thinks she is going to win any friends with her "I want to leave because I was sidelined for a white character" stance (which is what I've read it was about, may not be true of course) she's a bit naive, especially since the character she was sidelined for was always destined to be killed off - it was also a particularly silly argument, since Crane would never have married a slave so his son and wife were only ever going to be white (some stories say she was annoyed that the characters were white).

        TBH I never actually thought once about the characters skin color, I just assumed the story was set in an area of the USA where blacks were predominantly the main race, and it was refreshingly different.

        I think dad Mills story was probably similar to the masons one, he was the one of the group who drew the short straw to live in the shadows disconnected from the core group until the time came, a sort of insurance policy that the message from Washington and the Corbin arc could be continued if things went south.
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          Nothing was said about race being an issue in why Nicole left. If it was, she would never have been hired in the first place. Neither would Lyndie Greenwood or Orlando Jones. Nicole never said anything about being "sidelined for a white character". She was one of two stars of the show, not a co-star or background character.


            We must have been reading different articles then.


              What articles were you reading?


                I can't remember, I think it was something like the Huffington post, but it could have been an independent review site just made up to look nice, if I stumble across it again I'll certainly post the link, but the article made heavy reference to problems behind the scenes relating to the race of certain characters upset others and indicated the additions this season were almost certainly done to try and make up for it, it could well have just been the authors opinion, but a lot was inferred that it wasn't.

                They also said the series was almost certain to be given the chop, which is a bit of a shame.


                  Thanks for the info. I've read comments by disgruntled fans who thought there was something about race involved in this situation, but I hadn't read any articles that stated that. The ones I've read seem to be glowing comments from the producers about Nicole or the same kind of comments from Nicole about her co-workers, etc. But that just makes me wonder if things were all nicey nice when every one says great things about everyone else.

                  You're right, though, that this is probably the end of Sleepy Hollow. It's a shame the producers didn't listen to the fans during the 2d season of the show when ratings went way downhill. They could have done so many things with the show than the way they went.

                  I ordered the first season on DVD, because that was the best and most fun of episodes of all 3 seasons. I'll have to get my fix that way.