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Kali, Part 1 (212)

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    Kali, Part 1 (212)

    Visit the Episode GuideSANCTUARY SEASON TWO
    KALI, PART 1

    When the team travels to Mumbai, India, to investigate a murder believed to be linked to the Cult of Kali, Will is infected by a mysterious illness and disappears.

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    A reminder to people when this airs. Although it will air for the first time as a 2 hour movie, further airings will likely be in hourly increments. So please, keep this thread ONLY for the discussion of the first hour. Keep any and all comments pertaining to the second hour out of this thread and in the part 2 thread that'll be opened as the show ends.

    Please respect those that will have to wait a week to see the conclusion by not spoiling them in this thread.

    Where in the World is George Hammond?



      Kali I and II podcast is up:


        Well talk about a Paul McGillion being a good actor. After watching Sanctuary's last episode,
        I never thought I could hate Paul McGillion. It was wonderful to see him on the screen, especially in that make up. He did a great job, the way he moved his head, his big eyes. I loved the vibrato voice. But that character has to leave the Sanctuary realm so Magnus can have her Sanctuary back. Even though it was great seeing Paul again, he'sa gotta go.
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        Season 3 Episode 8 - Demons


          1. Interesting to have Helen bouncing all over the place.

          2. As with Will. West coast US to Mumbai via Tokyo and London.

          3. Didn't like the cult of Kali using Will in that way.

          4. WTF are the mercs looking to use Big Bertha for...holding the world to ransom?


            OK, I saw the episode and so far I'm really impressed with part 1.

            I thought the first part was very well done, I love that it starts off in India, then leads into Tokyo. I was very looking forward to seeing the Tokyo scenes, I knew it was only a few scenes, but I was still impressed, and it was a real treat to see PM in the episode. Also I liked seeing Declan in the episode, I was glad to see him, I think he's a cool guy.

            I was very surprised to see Callum Blue (Smallville) on the show, I think he's great as Zod and I think he did a very good job as the bay guy in this episode. I like how everything that happens in the episode all leads up to something big, and I like how some big secrets are revealed, like finally learning more about Big Bertha, and the Kali.

            I can't wait to see next week and I know it'll be great, since part 1 had me nervous most of the time.

            Oh, I loved the Rocky joke.


              Watched Kali #1 today. Liked it up untill the part when Will is fighting for his life, BOO!!!

              Part two tomorrow. At least I caught up before Part 2!!
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                Interesting premise.
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