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    Instinct (111)

    Visit the Episode GuideSANCTUARY SEASON ONE

    A television reporter and her cameraman infiltrate a warehouse where a super-powerful insect has brutally killed several people, and wind up following the Sanctuary team on their hunt.

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    The sonic blaster was an ARG.


      Awww. Sad.



        This one was a lot better than last week's. It felt very Cloverfield, but I liked it. And Rekha Sharma did a great job.

        It was a great episode for everyone but Will (as usual, they just can't make that boy interesting.) I liked Helen's trick on the cameraman when he was eavesdropping, and Ashley's girlishness, and Henry opening up. Very good character moments.

        My only problem with this ep is how predictable it was. But other than that, it was kind of cool.


          Yeah, Ashley literally lost her first date since who knows when (ever?) and poor Henry, Magnus will never let him call that reporter! Although maybe better for H. She was wackadoo.



            Really good episode tonight. A major improvement on last week's, at least IMO.

            I feel kind of sad for Ashely too. She seemed really happy about the possibility of a nice, normal date. I knew that was going to happen though with him, and what the reporter was going to try and do at the end.
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              This ep was middle of the road for me, it was not bad, not great, but I didn't hate it. It was good to see Henry in the field and not stuck back at the Sanctuary. The ending was pretty good, and I loved that little twist when that Cylon er um reporter tried to set up a broadcast.

              One flawed about this episode was how did they contain the 2nd bug thingy? I must of missed the explanation.

              I like how the team are becoming one. They are starting to trust eachother and you can see the bond growing stronger. I hope we get some nice character moments in the coming eps.

              So does anybody have a huge can of Raid??

              Overall 7.5/10

              Next episode looks really exciting, I cannot wait!
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                Hey y'all, I just finished Instinct and it was wicked . Not a masterpiece like Requiem, but it was still good . The episode starts in the point of view of a TV camera, camera guy Zach and this TV reporter (I can't remember her name ) were filming and trying to get an idea of what was going on. I thought it was interesting have 99% of the episode shot on steady cam, it had a Trailer Park boy feel to it. Anyway, the TV reporter and Zach, let's just call her Rekha (That's the actress's name ). After police officer tells them to scram, they find a way to sneak into the warehouse where all the action is happening, and they find a few dead bodies in there after some blood from one of the victims falls on Rekha face, and then they get a glimpse of the abnormal in the warehouse.

                I won't bore you with details, so I'll keep it light , anyway, after the opening credits, we find them wondering around a bit, and then one of the workers of the warehouse grabs them and pulls them out of sight, he warns them to get out, and he throws himself out in the open to get the creatures attention so they can escape, they make a run for it, but Zach falls, and the creature gets the worker. Afterwards, they meet up with the team, and for the first time, Henry's with them, he makes it clear several times throughout the episode it's his first field mission, and he's trying to prove he can do it. I liked how Helen kept telling him he's doing a good job, I can it meant a lot to him. When the team saw them of course Helen and the team are surprised to see that they're being filmed, Helen tries to ask them to leave, but Rekha convinces them to let her and Zach stay, and to keep filming. Helen takes charge and them what to do, and what to film, that's my girl, taking charge . Well, one of my girls, next to Amanda and Sam . I also loved how when Helen yelled at Zach and told him to stop filming them, and she even put her hand in front of the camera, and how she made those faces on camera were also funny, like she was annoyed with them .

                I loved how when Rekha was fixing her make-up (Something you'd never see Amanda do ) she told Zach to zoom in on the team and check what they were doing, Helen warms them that the creature is behind them and Zach jumps and looks around, then when he calms down, he sees Helen right in front of them, and she warns them not to eaves drop again. That part made me laugh . Anyway, throughout the episode the team kept moving around the warehouse looking for the creature, and they had to hurry because the police were coming, and they kept finding clues on what it is, and how to deal with it, then they find the worker who helped Rekha and Zach, and he was badly hurt. They split up to go look for more clues, Zach goes with Will and Ashley, while Helen and Henry stay behind to help the worker. Will, Ashley and Zach head towards an office to find the shipping manifest, while they do that, Zach puts the moves on Ashley, asking her out and such . Will finds where another crate is that could help stop the creature. They find it, and they find eggs inside . They realize it must have creature must gone along for the ride to protect it's young. Then for some reason, Zach tells Ashley he thinks Helen's weird . I'm like "How dare you call the queen weird!" .

                Helen calls them back because the worker is having seizure because of the creatures attacks. He dies, and Rekha tells them she's never seen anyone die before, and Helen tells them they got what they came for, and that this isn't a game. Yeah Helen . Anyway, long story short, they find a way to trap the creature in the crate, and shut the door, but then they soon discover that there's another one loose inside the warehouse, their able to stop that quickly, but not before it kills Zach, it's sad to because he and Ashely were starting to get along . Helen walks over to him, and he's just lying with his face down on his own blood, with his reflection in the blood.

                Back at the Sanctuary it's the first time in the episode that's not on steady cam. Rekha's there trying to convince to give them the tape, and she promised to edit out anything about them and the creature, Helen gives her the tape out of trust . In Rekha's office, we see her on the phone chatting with someone (Probably her boss) and she tells them that tape will launch her career. Before she played the tape I kept thinking something bad was gonna happen, I thought the Cabal was going to show up or something, but what happened was truly unexpected . When Rekha played the tape, Helen appeared on screen and said "Nice try", and a few other things telling Rekha what happens when she lies, and Helen even wished her luck with her career, then Helen got a remote, pushed stop and then the screen turned black. The End .

                As Helen was talking a huge smile was on my face, I couldn't believe Helen got the last laugh, and when it was over I was like "You go girl."
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                  great ep!

                  MUCH better than last weeks, even though i liked the helen/dad stuff. just a better ep all around.


                  and ashley was actually interested in going out with him... that should clue you in right there that he wouldn't make it.

                  LOVED how helen knew the reporter woman was going to reneg on their deal. ha! (i didn't see that coming, though. i thought she was sincere)

                  question: do you think this was green screen, or where they actually in a warehouse?

                  i was afraid all that shakey camera work would do me in, but it didn't.

                  we've really had quite a variety of different types of eps so far. the only weak one of the bunch has been last week's 'warriors', but that's to me.

                  i'm looking forward to seeing the helen screen caps from this!

                  oh, and i'm LOVING helen's accent! i'm soooo glad amanda insisted helen stay british. i've never had a prob with it, but it's sounding more pronounced to me, which is great because i love an english accent.

                  why does will call helen 'magnus' instead of helen?

                  too bad about zack...

                  *tries not to think there's only two eps left... tries hard. really hard... *

                  i'll start the countdown to season 2 soon!



                    my favorite episode so far. I love that thing between Ashley and the camera guy. Kinda shows that Ashley's a tad bit normal. I loved that Cloverfieldness of it. 500th post! woo!


                      looool at the reporter cylon chick. The episode was a bit meh, the cameraman was a noob (deserved to get owned tbh. If you were that freaked out about the monster, maybe you should have worried a bit less about filming and a bit more about not getting owned). Also, how did Magnus' team get themselves and a shipping crate out of a warehouse full of dead SWAT, and which was surrounded by cops?


                        Having just had the pleasure in viewing Instinct...I would just like to say that while I enjoyed it a lot more than last weeks episode, I did find some scenes rather slow. In all honesty, I really didn't think much of the reporter. The camera guy...I felt sorry for him.
                        I loved Ashley...I loved how smitten she became of Zach...and how smitten he was of her...cute!!
                        Helen was good...I was just surprised that she allowed the two to follow...and while I do understand why...I was still surprised that she allowed it to happen...or even continue after the other fella died.
                        I loved the scene where she came up behind them and asked them to not eavesdrop...that was just a classic!!
                        Also loved the end with Helen on the screen saying "Nice try!".
                        One of my fave moment s was when they caught the first beastie...they all seemed rather pleased with themselves...I loved the way they seemed so jubilant...I hope we get more moments like that!
                        Overall, it did manage to keep me surprised to a somewhat biggish deal!
                        I did kinda yelp...but just a little one...when the creature was behind them...that was really cool!
                        I'd give it an 8/10. Well...maybe an 8.5/10!
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                          awesome episode

                          8.5/10, didnt think i would like the first person thing they had going but it was really well done kudos

                          i really thought helen was sincere in letting the journalist take that footage, glad i was wrong

                          any1 notice the subtle sg-1 reference this weeks episode? (ie ashley loving plan b)

                          maybe the creatures that look like species 8472 were camra shy, they seemed to have it in for zack the camra guy
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                            This was a great team episode. I wouldn't put it on the same level as "The Five" or "Requiem", but it was a definite improvement from last week.

                            I loved the team interaction here, as well as the individual performances. It's Henry's first time on a mission, he's nervous and wants to do it right, and I felt it was a good touch when he offered to take the injured guy outside, because he recognized how far his experience will let him go, and he shouldn't push his luck.

                            Also I noticed the contrast from beginner Will, to Will now. He went from, this is impossible/I don't know how to take the gun's safety off, to confident, capable and reliable team member (which ties nicely to his growth over the season, especially the way he acted in Requiem)

                            Poor Ashley. I assume she doesn't have much time to go out and meet "normal" guys... and when she does meet someone, he ends up dead.

                            And definitely my favorite part - Helen. The way she handled it all, and especially her interaction with the news crew. Starting from "it's behind you/don't eavesdrop again", the talk with the reporter after the worker died "this is what you came here for", and of course the final scene. Don't mess with the boss.

                            Sharma was amazing in her guest performance, and I wonder if we'll hear from her character again in the future.

                            Favorite shot, the team after they trapped the creature in the container.

                            There was just one thing that didn't work for me. The guy at the beginning telling the reporters that he'll draw the creature's attention, so that they can escape. I don't know why, it just didn't fit in somehow.

                            Again for those interested, the caps from this ep (they're not the best, since the camera was shaking all the time)


                            And a small preview for Sally




                              I guess I'm pretty much going to agree with everyone. Definitely a solid episode, mainly for the team work and as always Helen. What can I say, Helen was Helen and in fine form. Loved her interactions with the reporters, esp. the "it's behind you" moment. She just said it from where she was, knowing they were picking up the conversation. Great stuff. And she showed her concern for the guy in the warehouse who didn't make it & then the camera guy. I didn't really think she'd trust the reporter in the end & I was thinking "if they end it with the reporter either being reformed or Helen being tricked I'll be mad." I needn't have worried. DK knows Helen & that she wouldn't be taken in that easily.
                              Loved Ashley's line about Helen lighting up like Christmas morning over the discovery.

                              I like the way they worked the character moments into the overall episode. No big revelations re: Helen and Will, but good moments nonetheless-- but a bit more insight into Ashley. Nicely played, I thought, by EU.

                              Sally, I think Will calls her Magnus b/c Helen would seem too familiar--Magnus is more respectful but less formal the Dr. Magnus. My theory anyway.