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    The episode order kinda threw me here since I didn't know they were out of order until I saw the scar and Magnus' comment about Will saying everything [at Sanctuary] would have been impossible a week ago, implying the pilot, Fata Morgana and this episode all took place within a week!

    The episode wasn't as bad as I recalled but I grew kinda tired of the whole Malcolm and Will talking thing, knowing what was going to happen already. I do like how Malcolm fooled Will, especially after Will had already (quite arrogantly) stated here and in previous episodes that he could make him [the patients/abnormals] talk with a bit more time.

    I liked seeing more of Old City and the network the Sanctuary uses. Clearly they have access to the police network (we'll learn more about this in future episodes) but don't hesitate to make less than ethical deals with crime bosses to get what they want. Thought it was a shame they killed off Mister Jones so soon.

    Now that I've seen all of the show, I would have liked to hear a reference to the folding men who'd been working for Noman or even those living on the streets.
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      I'd think those folding men that didn't have homes to go to would have fallen back to the streets, with a new leader, and part of magnus' network.

      almost like it's a plot point that was forgotten or dropped.

      also, I'd imagine that abbies they helped could be potential informants and assistants.. little quid pro quo. we helped you, you help us.
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        this is the kind of episode where i do wonder how the police don't question anything. unless its now declared a "sanctuary" file by higher up officials.


          As soon as I saw the bad guy looking at that small gap I knew that had would escape through it. X-files Tooms came to mind, creepiest bad guy who fits in small spaces.

          Helen has the password to access police information, but doesn't want to say how she got it. Helen and her secrets.

          Helen day's to Will that 10 days ago he would have said all of this was impossible. So everything between the pilot episode and now happened in a 10 day period. WOW! No breathing time there at all. I hope the pay is good.

          I knew when Malcolm spotted that little square hole when running from the Sanctuary team that it would be a trap. But it seems Malcolm knew this too.

          Malcolm is revealed as a Nomad. Now I went back and forth so many times suspecting then not suspecting that he was Nomad, so by the time of the reveal I was actually surprised. A big clue in the beginning in hindsight where he grinned quite smugly just as the police arrived, he was just too confident.

          I suppose him leading the Sanctuary to Aaron was maybe a bit ego on his part, showing off maybe, wanting what had did to be known, showing his power. It ended up biting him in the backside when it caused his underling to turn on him.

          Nomad thought he was smarter than Magnus. How did that turn out for you Malcolm.

          Helen pug a tracking device on Will's car..."Just in case". Nice to know that Helen's plan always factors in the possibility that Will will mess up.

          Is that police officer the only law enforcement person who likes Will?