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    Sanctuary vampires

    Last edited by karla90; 21 September 2017, 01:01 AM.

    I wish this was explored more in the show. The only one that is still alive is Nichola. A little bit he says, like he takes something (Magnas made) to decrease his wanting blood, but this was mentioned in passing between them. It also never shows him eat food, but he does drink a lot of wine .


      Originally posted by karla90
      Me too, because such vampire concept is rare and there are only a few vampire-centric episodes in Sanctuary, though they are great.

      I regret they wiped out Afina, the only true vampire we saw alive. She lived among vampires, ruled them, knew their society and history. And, by the way, she easily controlled her "thirsty for blood" without any drug.

      That doesn't effect him)

      Speaking about fan theories, there are some parallels between Sanctuary vampires and Wraith from Stargate Atlantis: both kinds are predators for humans, immortal and social, and have the Queen at the top of the hierarchy. And though, according to canon, Sanctuary vampires has more human-like monarchy, the eusociality/insect-like society would fit much better their biology - they doesn't need active and regular reproduction and so doesn't need every member of society to be fertile. At least, this could be an interesting point of view of them. At the same time their feeding way (with blood) and reproduction (due to Nikola as hybrid) are much more clear than Wraith ones, that never were dsicovered properly in Stargate Atlnatis.

      And a couple of details just for fun: vampires with their giant black eyes and long claws reminded me some exotic insects and Nikola in Awakening compared Afina is stasis with "insect in amber", maybe he wasn't so wrong)
      I think the link between the Vampires and the Wraith is a really cool one, although I find the Vampires just a bit more interesting than the Wraith; perhaps because we saw the Wraith far more often and in far greater numbers than we saw Vampires (excluding Tesla, who appears ALL the time).
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        I do not think it is a bad thing thpough, that it is breaking with vampire traditions. And I am not sure that real vampires cannot easily turn himans into one of them. We only know Nikola cannot, but he also was not turned into what he is by a vampire. I do not think he tried that again after they usd Afina#s blood on him, maybe it had worked after that actually


          Yes, one can only assume that born vampires, however that would work, have a trick to change people rather than to only pass on their blood.
          I can only assume that maybe something goes wrong if it is injected into a living being rather than a being killed and then brought back