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    Amanda Tapping teases 'Sanctuary' season finale & takes your questions
    Show Patrol


      Amanda Tapping of 'Sanctuary' kisses and tells
      Show Patrol

      Article about the kiss in Monsoon.


        "In the Director's Chair with Sanctuary's Martin Wood"


          I was lucky enough to interview Paul McGillion and Dan Payne for the Halfway convention in French, you can see the videos here :

          Paul :
          Dan :

          (Dan was a vampire in the webisode, and you can also see him in Broken Arrow in seaosn 3)

          I posted earlier the interview of Robin Dunnen he speaks a little about Space Milkshake :


            i found this:


            all I can say is..
            Poor Nikola

            (i dont own this... thank sam1helen for uploading this)
            Sherlock; the only one in the world + The Doctor; the last of his kind = THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME


            - Doctor Who (series 7)
            - Arrested Development (season 3)

            - Sanctuary (season 5)... but wont get.. RIP Sanctuary, thanks for the memories!
            - Sherlock (season 3).....MOFFAT!
            - Arrested Development (season 4 and the movie)... can't wait!

            I AM WHOLOCKED.


              Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 13 - Sanctuary For None part 2 (season finale) promo

              This is a low res vid uploaded by Sam1Helen, Syfy have yet to upload the promo to their website
              Sig by Yamiinsane, Thanks!
              'It's Nuttier than Squirrel poo' - Amanda Tapping
              : Thats it! Sphere, planet, label, name! : Following, still, you, not!
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                'Sanctuary' wraps Season 4 with 'final reckoning'
                Chicago Tribune


                  I found this article in a newspaper in my breakroom at work. Thought I'd share it here...



                    Amanda Tapping on 'Sanctuary': 'I'm not ready to let it go'
                    Show Patrol

                    Excerpt -

                    There’s still no word on that, but Tapping wants another season.

                    “A, I'm not ready to let it go, but also I think the concept right now could be so interesting,” she told me recently. “I just think there are so many opportunities for us to revamp without losing our unique flavor, but I think it could be a really fresh, invigorating start. It already is with the new sanctuary. Just to explore that, it’s beautiful.”

                    Here’s the last segment of my interview with Tapping from before Part 1 of the season finale aired, which includes all the spoilery stuff I didn’t want to publish before. So if you haven’t seen the finale, SPOILER ALERT!

                    For the complete article, follow the link


                      For Canadians, Space has started showing Sanctuary at 8pm EST, they started from the begining.

                      ETA: I believe it's Monday to Thursday.
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                      my fanfic


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                        Vote here. (the voting begins half way down the page) Sanctuary, Amanda etc. are nominated.


                          Exclusive: Chris Heyerdahl - from "Twilight" to "Sanctuary" to "Hell on Wheels"


                          (No spoilers if you've seen the S3 finale)


                            For Canadain viewers, Pascale Hutton is starring in Artic Air, the new CBC series with Adam Beach. Saw the premiere last night and she was terrific.

                            Thanks to Pengyn, SamJackShipLover and Mala for the sig.


                              Originally posted by EH-T View Post
                              For Canadain viewers, Pascale Hutton is starring in Artic Air, the new CBC series with Adam Beach. Saw the premiere last night and she was terrific.

                              According to Emilie she should be in it next week.

                              EmilieUllerup Emilie Ullerup
                              Canadians! Arctic Air Premieres on CBC tonight at 9pm. I won't be in this ep but if you watch this one, maybe I will be next week...
                              Mourning Sanctuary.
                              Thanks for the good times!


                                Women Talk Sci Fi
                                Podcast 50
                                Special guest Amanda Tapping