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    Sanctuary - News, Twitter, Actor Appearances, etc. ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY

    Here is is folks, a one stop shop for all things Sanctuary. News, twitter tidbits, announcements of con appearances, any stuff like that.

    However, this is a discussion free zone....please announce here and then discuss, squee, kvetch, debate, elsewhere.

    Instead of cross posting, you can simply link back here.
    Where in the World is George Hammond?


    From Gillian Horvath (writer) on Twitter :

    Oo, #Sanctuary coverage on #InnerSPACE tonight -- @TeddySPACE 's visit was during filming of "The Depths." Wet cast! Wet crew!
    2 hours ago


      TV Review: Sanctuary: Season 4, Episode 1 “Tempus”
      by Erin Willard
      SciFi Mafia

      Genre: Sci-Fi | Mystery | Crime
      Air Date/Time: October 7th at 10/9c
      Network: Syfy
      Creators: Damian Kindler
      Director: Martin Wood
      Writer: Damian Kindler

      In the season opener entitled “Tempus,” Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) pursues Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back to 1898 London as he attempts to save his daughter. If successful, Magnus knows he will destroy the natural order of history and must stop him from irreparably altering the world’s future at whatever cost.


      I give Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 1 “Tempus,” Four out of Five Stars.

      Follow the link for the complete article.


        A bit spolierish

        In The Sanctuary Season 4 Premiere, The Past Is Prologue

        At the end of season 3 of Sanctuary we were left with two pretty big cliffhangers. Thousands of Abnormals were pouring out onto the surface from a destroyed Hollow Earth, while Helen Magnus was pulled back in time with Adam Worth, who is determined to change time by saving his daughter. What happens next? Well, the fourth season premiere tackles one of those as we pick up with Magnus’ arrival back in the past in pursuit of Worth.

        Not only must Helen prevent Worth from altering the timeline, she must take great care not to do so herself, especially once she’s arrested and bailed out by John Watson. Along the way, we get more details regarding one Mr. John Druitt and his role as Jack the Ripper. There’s a little revelation that came as a great surprise to me. Oh, and get ready for an ending that will leave your jaw lying on the floor long after the end credits roll. Let’s just say the way back to the present is not an easy road to travel for Helen.


          Inside The “Sanctuary” Meet & Greet In NYC
          by Bryan Reesman

          Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne are a class act. The stars of Syfy’s hit series Sanctuary treat their fans like gold, and they were quite energized and friendly when they met nearly 100 followers at the Experience NBC store in Manhattan this morning. In town to do press for Season Four, the actors took 75 minutes out of their hectic schedule to meet, greet and sign photos for the faithful followers that lined up to see them. Dunne in particular was a ham, goofing off as much as possible between signatures.

          Season Four of Sanctuary premieres in the U.S. tonight at 10 PM eastern / 9 PM central on Syfy. If you need to catch up on Season Three, it’s out now on DVD and Blu-ray. Look for a new A.D.D. interview with Amanda and Robin in the near future. Our last chat with Amanda and Robin together can be found here.


          Autographed “Sanctuary” Star Photos Giveaway!

          Attention Deficit Delirium, in conjunction with Syfy and the stars of Sanctuary, is giving away three sets of autographed Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne photographs. These were signed by them this morning at their meet and greet in New York City. Sanctuary Season Four starts airing in the U.S. tonight at 10 PM eastern / 9 PM central time

          This giveaway is open to subscribers worldwide. To be eligible, subscribe to A.D.D. by e-mail — utilize the box in the column to your right — then post a comment on this page. If you are already a subscriber, then you simply need to post a comment. Please note that all comments are filtered and individually approved (due to spam). If yours does not show up immediately, do not worry, it will be approved!

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          The contest ends October 17, 2011, and the three winners will be picked through a random lottery and announced soon after.


            Friday, Oct. 7, 2011:

            Had a marvelous time at the NBC Show Store in Rockefeller Plaza today - thanks to the amazing Amanda and Robin! They popped in to promote the season premiere of Sanctuary.

            I arrived at 9:45am, for their 10am appearance. There was no line, so I thought, till I went in. There was that line, about 25 people before me! The staff was very pleasant and informed us that Amanda and Robin were upstairs already.

            Well, as usual, Amanda was extra-gracious to everyone. Some had their own photos for a signature which she signed with a smile. Everyone who came to the table got a warm hello, as if just for them! Robin was a gentleman who stood up as we approached, shook our hand and told us his name. That opened the way for us to give him ours; smooth!

            The line took a while. Amanda and Robin cheerfully posed with fans for treasured pics. Robin would address those of us waiting every now and then. This was the first time I'd seen him in autograph mode and he was truly charming and playful. He even signed a young lady's tee shirt at her request. Someone did a wolf-whistle when he stood up; that got his attention for a comic moment. Then there was another fan with the same first name.

            "Hey, that's a great name," Robin said as he shook the man's hand. "You spell it the right way, right?"

            The photos were of each one, not cast photos. I certainly didn't quibble. When I got to the table, I showed Amanda a badge from her 2008 visit to The Paley Center and the NBC store. She was pleasantly surprised. Then I told her that there was a Sanctuary marathon running at this very time, and joked that I had to weigh which one to do. That made her laugh, and that made my day! I made Amanda laugh, whoo-whoo!

            There were at least 20 more folks behind me so I snapped some more pics and took off to get food. Alas, not even the delectable duo of Sanctuary could replace my skipped breakfast! But I happily absconded with my autographed pictures of my two favorite actors. Time well spent.

            Amanda, Robin signing pics.jpg

            Now if only they could hang around for the New York Comic Con next week...Nah, pushing it.
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              Sanctuary Season 4 Begins Build Up to a ‘Huge’ Finale
              By Michael Simpson

              Sanctuary returns to Syfy in the US and SPACE in Canada in a few hours with its season four premiere ‘Tempus.’ It promises to be a drammatic opener with Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) trapped in the past and the rest of the sanctuary team trying to control abnormals in their own backyard and streaming out of Hollow Earth.

              Flash forward thirteen episodes and Sanctuary fans will be anticipating what looks like being an equally epic season finale. CinemaSpy was at the shoot for that episode, ‘Sanctuary for None,’ at Vancouver’s Terminal City location (where parts of the Stargate Universe episode ‘Blockade’ were filmed) during the final days of shooting. We managed to snap a few shots of that rarest of rare sights: Sanctuary on location and at night. You can check out the little that we could give away below.

              Follow the link for the complete article


                ABC News - "Seeking Sanctuary" - Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne


                  From GillianHorvath's Sanctuary Questions last night. She answered a couple of mine. One is too spoilerish to post here. Such a great answer to this one. Gillian is a dear Fan as well as amazing writer.

                  @GillianHorvath You seem to fangirl with the rest of us. After seeing all the production does the finished episode come alive for you?

                  @GillianHorvath Gillian Horvath

                  Heh. There's no bigger fangirl than @DamianKindler. We all love what we're doing and feel lucky and blessed. @Stefffanatic

                  It's amazing how real the scenes feel even before they are finished -- great acting works even with green screen @Stefffanatic

                  Dailies can be just as heartrending or hilarious as final version. Sometimes more so! @Stefffanatic

                  Characters are completely real to me even though I see the "sausage" being made. @Stefffanatic


                    Sanctuary S04E04 SPOILERS!

                    Last warning! BIG SPOILERS!



                      Sanctuary Season 4 - Will and Magnus - Behind the Scenes Part 1


                        Originally posted by kes View Post
                        Sanctuary Season 4 - Will and Magnus - Behind the Scenes Part 1
                        Massive spoilers for Season 4!!

                        First part is above ^^

                        Sanctuary Season 4 - A New Direction - Behind the Scenes Part 2
                        Sanctuary Season 4 - New Residents - Behind the Scenes Part 3
                        Sig by Yamiinsane, Thanks!
                        'It's Nuttier than Squirrel poo' - Amanda Tapping
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                          Uprising Promo


                            An Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl



                              Robin Dunne coaching Amanda Tapping on interviewing.

                              and here.
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