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Season 7 - A Reboot?

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    Season 7 - A Reboot?

    I don't know how to feel about this... on one side, every single character arc on this show seems to be done, or at least the writers are done with them. At this point, most of the cast are just dead weight who appear for a few scenes per episode to remind us of their existence. So in that sense, I'd be happy to finally drop some of them and move on.

    But on the other hand, if it is the end, then they shouldn't waste it on trying to make some kind of spin-off. Just give the main characters whatever endings you have in mind for them and be done with it.

    I think the main problem is that season 6 has had zero direction thus far, and whilst that was sort of passable in seasons 3-5("the adventure years"), it's a big issue now because the characters are why we stayed for so long. I fear that if the show ends now with them, we'll remember them at their worst.
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    Personally i would just rather they end the season with a Series closer, that try a 'reset'..


      Personally speaking I think they should just end it with season 6; wrap everything up, try and get some form of cohison in the last few episodes, dont make anything feel rushed like the end half of season four. I think if given the notice of not renewing the show in March like they were told it was renewed for season six last year in March in stead of waiting until May for season 4 when they were cramming to get everything said and done in the case they got cancelled made the season feel rushed. If they get ernewed and its a reboot/ system reset MAYBE I will give it a shot and treat it like a brand new show rather then a continuation of a slowly dying show

      But that's just me

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        I am not loving the reboot so far. Heard they cancelled the show already. I think they just extended the show far too long that the quality started to suffer. Not loving that other world Hook is with another girl in this one. I know he's not the real Hook but still weird seeing him with another girl on screen.