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OUaT Queerbaiting: Is it happening or not?

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    OUaT Queerbaiting: Is it happening or not?

    So I go back and fourth about this and I'd like to talk about it without the baggage of the shows shipping wars.

    If you don't know what queerbaiting, here is Urban Dictionary's definition:

    When people in the media (usually television/movies) add homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers with the indication of them not ever getting together for real in the show/book/movie.
    The most famous examples of queerbaiting are Supernatural, Sherlock, and Rizzoli & Isles.

    A lot of people see chemistry between Emma and Regina (known as SwanQueen). The producers have acknowledged that the chemistry is there but that they're not writing it. But are they? They certainly run hot and cold over the section of fandom, sometimes appeasing them, and sometimes dismissing them.

    Personally I think that some queerbaiting has happened in the show, but that then they back down from it. Given that the only character on the show with any same sex attraction on the show never verbally expressed it and was immediately not heard from again they certainly have a representation problem.

    Just a reminder: I'm really not interested in debating SwanQueen.

    Wouldn't you have to debate Swanqueen since it's the example you used? I've seen an example or two of two characters having sort of queer subtext, and in this case it really strikes me as something that shippers have made waaay more than it is.
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      I think what I mean by that is I don't want to debate fan behavior. Since certain segments of both SwanQueen and the het ships seem to determined to be rude to each other. And than there is the stuff about "attacks" on actors and production staff over social media which can divide fans and paint entire segments with a broad brush.

      So I'm not interested in debating Swanqueen fandom is what I mean.


        I think while the topic of shows adding same gender sexual tension could be a valid one, the terms used may not exactly start things off with the respect the topic deserves.

        If you want to restart it, that's fine, but let's leave out the terms that aren't exactly respectful please.
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