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Turning Fairy Tales on their Heads. Your favorite character twists? [Spoilers S4]

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  • Princess Awinita
    My personal favorite character twist is also exactly Tink; the poor girl was only trying to help somebody, and look what happens! Geez be a good samaratin and look what happens.

    My other twist I personally enjoy is actually written in a fanfic based on the promo for White Out wherein Elsa already freaked out and trying to find Anna accidently freezes Emmas heart and very nearly kills Emma on accident.

    And I also am seeing Anna a bit bloodthirsty too; though I am pretty sure that Elsa at some point will have to get her hands dirty

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  • Turning Fairy Tales on their Heads. Your favorite character twists? [Spoilers S4]

    The show basically makes it's bread and butter on taking traditional stories and twisting them. Snow White is a bad as fighter who will draw a sword and stand in front of Charming to defend him. Belle is in love with Rumple and not the traditional beast. Peter Pan is evil.

    So what are your favorite twisted characters and why? What do you think of characters that seem to run much truer to the source material (I'm looking at you Frozen)?

    Personally I think mine is Tinkerbell. A crazy, bitter homeless fairy who lost her wings for trying to help the wrong woman. I love the fact that she basically says what a lot of fans have about the Blue Fairy's actions directly to her face. I love that she saw a woman in pain and tried to help. And I love the tragedy that Regina wasn't ready to be helped yet. Most of all, I love her interactions wihh her in Neverland. How Lana Parrilla got the line baiting Tinkerbell to come at her out with a straight face.

    My favorite (i'm pretty sure unintentional) crack twist is Anna. Anyone else feeling this girl is rather blood thirsty? She practically talked David into a (thankfully not quite) suicide mission. And I'm having a wonderful time picturing exactly how she convinced the palace guards to teach her swordsmanship, "Oh that looks sharp. Oh, very sharp I see. Can I hold it?" "I'm not sure that's a very good idea, Princess...." My friends and I have been calling her a blood thirsty viking in pink earmuffs.