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    What utter lack of disregard have they shown though? The only one who went out killing was Cal, and i wouldn't call what HE did prior to the Inhumans even coming into the equation, representative of them all. Raina only killed after she 'awoke' cause she was scared and new to what was going on.

    The ONLY 2 who did kill that we have seen, was that girl and her mother that May had to track down and put down in the "Bahrain" incident.
    Again that is not representative of them all.

    Compare that to Hydra killing what, 3 of them so far, for 'experimentation' and Shield wanting to "Index them or jail them if needed", all with out any form of due process? From what the Inhumans have seen of us, i say they have MORE than enough reason to fear us. Compared to what we have seen of THEM.


      I just got done with a rewatch of the entire S2, and having to come back to the above posting i made.. We additionally have had these powered individuals around for millenia it seems, and never knew about them till recently. Heck i doubt had the events leading up to the temple happened, thus revealing what Skye/Raina are, we would even KNOW what inhumans are..