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    Visit the Episode GuideAGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - SEASON ONE
    The team investigates an incident at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, where Fitz and Simmons find a friendless but brilliant student who is looking for a way to stand out. Meanwhile, Coulson and May make a shocking discovery about Skye's past.

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    So what so special about Sky that a whole village would willingly sacrifice themselves to protect her against a mysterious force? That a SHIELD agent would risk treason to fake a level 8 security clearance rather than just going to her boss.

    I suspect Avery wasn't just hiding her from their Mysterious force but also from SHIELD or a element of SHIELD, after all what better way to hide someone than hiding them right under their noses, and it about time someone did Sky DNA test, and Avery took take care to make sure that moving her from one foster parent to the next went unnoticed by the SHIELD itself, it certainly can't have been in any database because one presume Coulson would have found out by now. I got a feeling Sky will be hacking her way round Shield computer systems again shortly, probably with Coulson okay.

    Coulson also seem to be losing all trust in SHIELD and how they operate. I wouldn't be surprise if SHIELD implanted several fake versions of the memories or if someone put something inside that will aid the events in the Captain America film, which is all about corruption inside SHIELD.

    An it look like we got a bad seed that will germinate inside the sandbox. Especially as Shield will undoubtedly study him to learn how his abilities work. Ice boy will likely be one of those grey characters that will try to be a superhero but always fails.
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      About Skye storyline:
      Ans some of the answers, but bring much more questions!
      We know the whole village, level 8 agent, Linda Avery's team minus one died in order protect baby Skye. But why? And Why did Agent Avery fake a level 8 clearance order the foster system move Skye every few months rather going to her boss?
      And Why did the lead Level 8 Agent declare Baby Skye as 0-8-4?

      So is Coulson team going to be gone rouge in order to protect the team and Skye from being hunted?
      It seem Coulson letting the former agent go because his distrust of SHIELD. But it hardly can blame Coulson doing that, it seem SHIELD really have some dark side of it. And is it the people that crossing off Avery's team some how gain access Shield files and shield didn't investigate why some target their agent?

      What happen at the op in Hunan Province(yes, it is real and exist in China, located south of Dongting Lake(Hu))?


        I liked this episode. Similarly with Coulson's "secret" - we got some more info on Skye's past, but it opened up even more questions. What powers would a baby have exhibited in order to declare her an 0-8-4?!?! Watched a podcast discussing the show and the theory that she might be alien (from the "Sky" - get it?) was posed. I would think it might be more likely she was some sort of genetic experiment from other humans on earth. I must say, I did like how they decided to have Skye handle this discovery - that realized she wasn't unwanted her whole life but had been protected by Shield - the family she didn't know she had. And it's an interesting contrast to Coulson's distrust of Shield now. He wonders if more of his memories were changed besides Tahiti replacing his memories of coming back to life. He doesn't seem concerned with doing things by the book (he didn't bring the AWOL agent back to Shield, but dropped let him go) and keeping secrets (Skye's past would probably have been deemed a higher level security than Skye should have access to know). I wonder how much we will see Coulson going against or questioning the Shield higher ups.

        Something else that was pointed out to me which I didn't catch the first time - Coulson was the one to tell the team to stop trying to revive Seth. A nice touch to show how he would be affected by seeing them working so hard to revive someone already dead.

        Hilarious reveal about May and Ward's relationship. May just manages to say, "Ward and I are having sex..." and Coulson spots the missing agent. We hadn't seen any signs of their relationship in the last couple of episodes, so the question about whether that was still happening has been answered. However, my hunch is that it isn't happening often. Interesting to note that she doesn't tell Coulson that she and Ward are in a relationship, but that they are having sex. I honestly don't think it is a romantic relationship, but more a friends with benefits thing. I liked Coulson's reaction - he didn't seem overly concerned or disapproving. He believes May will be smart about it all. So many people speculate whether Coulson and May were ever an item, but I wonder whether they didn't have a similar relationship once upon a time - friends with benefits. Perhaps that is why Coulson doesn't seem jealous or think it's a terrible idea. Personally, I like the idea that Coulson and May were just friends without benefits back in the day.

        Nice use of a previous bad guy - Ian Quinn. It made sense that he would try to use these brilliant Shield Academy students to work for him. I did not expect him to end up working with The Clairvoyant!

        Can't believe we have to wait weeks for the next episode. This isn't the way to build momentum!
        Thanks to Starlover1990 for the banner


          I hope the team does go rogue and have to rely on Sky Rising Tide organisation to hide them and fund them as they try to deal with whatever forces inside Shield that is after Sky. At least for a few episodes.

          For a whole village to fight and sacrifice their lives for a single baby, I suspect what ever she is, the village has a myth or legend or it part of their religion about her appearance and that why they rallied together to defend and ultimately die for her.
          Sadly quick google research doesn't reveal any myths that matches up to what we know of sky so far.


            Perhaps it was some kind of power compelling the people to protect her at all cost.


              Originally posted by Spimman View Post
              Perhaps it was some kind of power compelling the people to protect her at all cost.
              but why would someone try and take her then?


                Maybe as a means of controlling the superstitious? or as a means to try and study her (see darn near every alien shows up on earth film, the govt always wants to get their hands on them to study/dissect them)..